For a few years now, people have been urging me to start a blog. I kind of resisted for a long time, figured whatever I wanted to say I can get on to Facebook. And I do, and everyone keeps saying “Start a blog!!” Alright people, you wore me down. You get what you ask for. I don’t have real agenda other than sharing what I live from one day to the next. No manifestos here, no secret or hidden plan, just get it out of my head and into the powerful and mighty interwebs.

I hope you will follow along, I hope I say something that means something to anyone at all. Otherwise, I at least will keep myself entertained.

I look forward to this little journey. I work in the service industry, so I have plenty of material just from that. I come from a fairly big family, they provide material all the time too. And just about everything else I come across is fair game too, it’s just my life, and I want to give some of it to you.

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