The First One

It’s kind of tough to decide which of the many things swirling around my brain I should share here. Now that I gave myself a forum, it’s just overwhelming! Start at the beginning? Sure…

I am a middle aged woman, tough to admit, harder to deny. I will be 50 in a few months. I live in the town where I was born, a pretty nice little place. I live with my crazy dog, Zelda. She runs the show, lets me feed her and spoil her. As it should be. I am sure anyone who cares to follow along here will grow to know and love the Z-dog, I promise she is a better reason to read than I could otherwise provide.

I work in a Mexican restaurant, for 9+ years. The staff is like family to me, as are many of my regular customers. I have always worked in the service industry, since I was 14. It is a part of me and most days I couldn’t dream of doing anything else. A love/hate thing like many people have for their jobs, but at least I leave with cash every day.

I am a single woman, I can’t tell if I have bad luck in love or good luck in general. I see and hear a lot from people in relationships, it’s a tough thing no matter how much you love someone. I am not down on love, I remain forever optimistic the chance for it will come along. I am hanging in there, over here. I know a lot of happy people, so I know it can happen.

So as I get closer to the 50 I hope to share some of how I got here. The losses I have experienced, the people I have met, and some of the fun stories my life and my job have given me.  I have also recently started to change my outlook on my physical health, which has been very much a reason to start this too. Weight loss, building strength both physically and mentally have been a revelation for me. I never thought I could change. I want to give others a reason to believe they can too.

I don’t know what to expect as this unfolds, it’s a growth pattern I hope to continue and bring you with me. Plus I will add pictures of my dog. 😉

Zelda, my BFF.

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