The Friday Morning Beat Down

A year and a half ago, I started up again at a gym. This happens fairly regularly, and I have failed at it fairly regularly. I just don’t do so well with the self-motivating stuff. I want to improve my health and appearance, but the getting there is tough.

The last time I had done this, I joined up with my friend Amy, who is an awesome person by the way, and we hit it pretty good for a while. Then I had a small medical thing, kidney stone, that I let derail me. She kept at it, the idea of not using a gym membership she is paying for does things to her that I apparently have no problem with. So she was improving herself and I did a big enough backslide. I can blame the boulder that resided in my kidney for a while, and then I just didn’t really feel like I fit at that particular gym, etc. Lots of excuses, reasons, blah blah blah.

A woman that had gone to that same gym had changed to a newer and different place. She comes to the restaurant I work at, so seeing some changes in her I asked, and she told me about this place, called FIRE Fitness, and how it was tough, but she really liked it. I sat on that for a few months, stewing in my most recent weight gain and lack of progress in anything. It was January 2018, and I took a chance at actually walking into the place, instead of stalking it from my car, which I had done for about 2 weeks up to that point. Best idea I ever had. Truly. I met a guy, Chris, who seemed like a gym rat type, hanging out between reps. But he was great, and as it turns out, a pretty involved guy at FIRE. He talked to me a little, and listened to me a lot. Talking to him gave me the courage to sign up for a camp the next morning. I do not remember that particular workout that day, but I do remember driving in a sleet storm at 6:30 am to do it. This place was different. I could see that immediately even as I prayed for Death to come take me. The rest is active history.

I still go- almost every day. The people, the coaches, the exercise, is all very challenging. They believe in all of us in a way that if you tried to tell me about it I wouldn’t believe you. The support when I get there each day is palpable. You feel it from every member and the staff. I can go on and on, but it is something you kind of have to experience. And part of why I can keep doing this is not just the support, but the plan. I show up, they have the workout up there on a board, all planned out by some Evil Genius in Plover. They warm us up, show us how to do it, and supervise and encourage us the whole way through. Anyone that knows me can tell you I need that constant supervision. And it is a half hour. That is it. Hit it and quit it. Perfect for my short attention span.

So I will put numbers on it all. I walked in there at about 240 pounds. Miserable, really. I am currently hovering around 185 pounds, summer beer drinking has impeded me a little at the moment, but I keep cranking it out. I feel so much better than I have in 30 years, but even more so because of the confidence I seem to have uncovered. If it was just the numbers it would be impressive as hell, but it is more things than just that. And my doctor is amazed by what I have been able to do, blood pressure and BMI and numbers I don’t truly understand, but if she is happy, then I am happy!!

So, it boils down to this: You can change. If there is something you want, a place you long to be, you can get there. I think the biggest difference for me this time was the support. So if you want to do it, get someone on your side. I don’t know if it is weight loss, a new career, a new relationship, or any little thing. If you have a support crew, you can get there, wherever “there” may be. I believe in myself more than I ever dreamed possible. I have some stuff to work on, sure. We all do, it keeps us going. I am just happy I found what I did, so I can learn more about me, and like that girl looking back in the mirror for the first time in many years.

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