They saw me coming!!

I am an impulse shopper, big time. It’s part of why I have to impose Online Shopping Bans on myself from time to time. But when it comes to something I am nostalgic about, nothing stops the money from flying out of my hand. “They” got me good this morning, but I don’t even regret it.

I stopped on my way home from the gym to buy some creamer for my morning coffee, and I stopped at the grocery store I don’t usually stop by, because of convenience. Run in, get out. Almost. I get to the checkout area, and the Special Edition People Collector’s Edition caught my eye, as I am sure it was supposed to! It is the 30th anniversary of one of my most favoritest movies ever: When Harry Met Sally. I didn’t even flinch, just grabbed it, and set it on the conveyor belt with my creamer. And $17 later I am in my car saying, what did I just do? That thing cost $15!!! But it’s my movie, I could be in this movie if they want to remake it because I know every line!! I could play any part, no problem.

This got me thinking about movies I love. And there are quite a few, most of them from the 80s. You know the ones you have seen so many times but you never ever get sick of watching. Sixteen Candles, Better Off Dead, Raising Arizona, The Princess Bride, just to name a few. And When Harry Met Sally is almost tops for me. I just bawl at the end when Sally says “I hate you Harry, I really hate you” and they kiss and estrogen flows everywhere from me.

My nephew Will wants to produce and direct movies. He has a pretty eclectic taste in films, and his genre right now is more gory than a little Romantic Comedy that his aunt adores. I hope he keeps his path and gets to be the movie god he dreams of being. It’s basically my retirement plan, he gets super successful, I get a small pool house somewhere on his estate and a part-time cabana boy to take care of my, ahem, needs. So I am really banking on him to make it. I don’t know if I can convince him of the importance of making a good chick movie for the commercial success aspect of my retirement dreams. Either way, I think he can do it, and the love movies is the base of the dream.

What are the movies that keep you in love with them no matter how many times you see them? We all have them, and we have our reasons for the attachment. Is there a movie that when it hits an anniversary the People Magazine deems Special Edition Worthy you would spend $15.99 without knowing you were spending that much? I laughed when I realized what I had done, because that is just very much a Carol thing to do. But I don’t care. I waste money on dumber things than that all the time. Nostalgia does that to you, and it is ok to go a little crazy like that when it means something to you. Like my mom always said, spend that money on something frivolous.

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