An Ode to Carbs

You don’t know what you got until it’s gone. True in so many aspects of life. But especially true when you’re Carb Cycling, and your High Carb day is over. For those not familiar with the carb cycling, it’s a small torture device you use on yourself to lose weight, body fat, stuff like that. You eat very few carbs for 2 days, have a high carb day, 2 more low carb days, a high carb day and a recovery day. Exhausting, truly dizzying!!

I am doing this right now, and it is a part of a nutrition plan I am doing at the gym. Two other ladies are in on this with me, and we are 2 weeks into it. It is going ok, my body fat has gone down, and a little weight dropped. So it works, but thinking about everything I stuff in my face is not fun. I find it really isn’t that bad, but I just miss certain things, like bread. Fun fact, I live near a bakery that bakes, often. The smell of the bread wafts through the neighborhood. I think they were making cinnamon bread the other day. Jerks.

Yesterday was my high carb day. I didn’t go overboard, but I enjoyed some rice, a little sushi and popcorn. As well as a decent amount of protein. It was a good day. Now today I find I am dreaming of sandwiches, potatoes, and desserts drowning in carbohydrates. Sigh…

Truly it isn’t that bad, and there are plenty of good options of things I will have on my low carb days. I find it fun to over dramatize my plan and its execution. And if it weren’t for carbs, I wouldn’t have developed the body I am working so hard to change. As it is, carbs have provided some serious job security for the coaches at FIRE. I am surprised they don’t eat sub sandwiches in front of me during camps.

I have learned so much in this time, and carbs are not the Devil, but they know him. It’s truly about balance, and making smarter decisions with my diet, and my workout plan. I can eat things that aren’t so great for you, as long as that isn’t all I eat. And oh the water I drink!! I am flushing carbs through like crazy! Again, the balance. Good times.

It’s all changes I needed, and I needed someone to help me navigate it, and I found that. Life is a constant learning experience, and the knowledge I gain may actually help someone else down the road, you never know. I am a work in progress, and I am looking forward to the upcoming changes, and my High Carb Day.

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