I figure I should write something a little nicer today, instead of spewing my hatred of weird, cheap people I encounter.

It is the first day of Fall. I love fall, all the beautiful colors the trees and fall flowers give us, apple cider, sunny days with crisp cool nights. I am digging out the hoodies, although I haven’t had to wear one yet. I don’t love the shorter days, or that winter comes after this lovely time of year, but all the other good things make it ok, for now.

The women of the world are already donning their fall uniforms- Leggings with tall boots, tunic tops and a puffy vest. I have heard it called the Han Solo look. I feel it is a little early for all that, it hasn’t really been cold yet, but it is the Fall Uniform so who am I do condemn them? I wish I had longer legs, the taller boots kind of look silly on me. I am out of uniform most of the season.

Soon my sister-in-law Heidi and niece Natalie and I will venture out to the apple orchard, pick more apples than I could ever use, and eat a fresh caramel apple. I will buy fresh cider and add booze to it at home. Yummy! It’s a favorite fall tradition. Last year we were completely assaulted by those ridiculous late season mosquitos, but we still had fun after we choked on the DEET.

Then we get to Halloween, and not long after will be Thanksgiving. We celebrate our way through this fantastic season, and sprinkle in football games and big meals and candy. It’s fantastic, isn’t it? And maybe, just maybe my Brewers will extend their season too, making it an even more joyous season than it already is!!

As you can tell, I am a big fan of the Autumnal Equinox. I don’t love the winter that follows. Every year that passes I see the draw of being a Snow Bird, I just don’t have the required retirement age to do it yet, or especially the cash. But in the meantime, I will relish this season, and bitch about Winter when it is appropriate.

I hope you can take time to enjoy the colors, sights, smells and events of Fall. It is a glorious time of year. Take a drive to see the fall colors, eat a caramel apple, drink an Oktoberfest beer. Enjoy your days, nights and every season you are given. It is a Big Show the world puts on for us every 3 months, and they are worth enjoying, always.

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