Good Things, Great People, No Booze!

I just had a super fun weekend. I packed in quite a bit, and still worked a shift or two when I was supposed to!! I got through it all keeping my Sober October intact. Who knew?

Since I usually work weekends, a lot of fun things happen without me being able to participate. But the Social Calendar worked out for me this time around. I got to attend the First Ever Black Label at the FIRE in Howard, which meant a lot to me because Nikki and Paul that own that location are fantastic people, they started out at the FIRE I go to regularly. These workouts are kind of a way to mark your own progress, see how strong you can be and to challenge yourself. Being a part of those events is like hitting the best parts of yourself and those around you. You cheer accomplishments of others, and pat yourself on the back too. Usually it’s beer and merriment after, but I took the pass on that, because of the commitment I made to myself. But I still had some merriment, just sober.

Saturday night brought a house concert at my buddy Todd’s house. These are pretty cool little events, he literally has a concert, in his living room. The cool part was my dear friend Deana made the trek from Eagle River to go with me. The performer was one of her former Pretend Boyfriends Sammy Llanas, of the BoDeans. Back in the 80s and early 90s Deana and I, along with our friend Amy, had a lot of Car Concerts driving around singing many songs, and the BoDeans were definitely a part of the repertoire. It was fantastic to spend the evening with her, and just seeing the joy on her face throughout the show made me not miss any of the alcohol I would normally be swilling at an event like this. There is much happiness that can be found if you know where to look for it, and I looked at my friends that night and had a full heart.

Sunday Funday brought me to my Personal Disneyworld, Lambeau Field. My cousin Louie had an extra ticket to the Packers vs Raiders game and he invited me along. I had offered to drive us up there, since I am not drinking this month. But a buddy of his said we should go on a bus that runs up to games by the Village Limits bar in Little Chute. It was only $20, but those buses are usually a boozefest. I agreed anyway, because fun is fun at Lambeau, no matter what. It was a pretty good time. And I was not the only sober person. The Bus Driver and the 12 year old kid that was along didn’t drink either. At least I think he didn’t drink, haha. It is Wisconsin. But the food spread was a good one, lots of fat crappy tailgate food, which I used to replace alcohol. Mmmmm… sugar, cheese, sausage, brats… totally worth it. And this girl won $100 on the board. Without drinking, that means I actually won $100, not just made back what I spent on beer. Spending the day with Louie and his buddies was a great day, and it was a perfect day for football, and the Packers really stuck it to the Raiders. I couldn’t have asked for more, and other than the Shotski, I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything. And I am so short that every time I do a Shotski, I end up wearing more of it than gets in my mouth. How about that?

This Sober October thing has been a challenge, but not as difficult as I had imagined when it was first proposed to me. I have learned a little about myself and what I can value ahead of a buzz. I had fun with my old friends, new friends and my cousin. Friends and Family, that is what it’s really about at the end of this weekend for me. It’s just excellent I had some cool events to enjoy all of them. I felt like a real Social Butterfly this weekend, a person with an active social calendar!! Would I go sober for an entire month again? I can’t say for sure, but it is good to know it’s an option. Turns out all those stiffs back in high school were right when they said you don’t need booze to have fun. Again, who knew?

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