First Snow

We got our first real snowfall of the season overnight. It really isn’t much, a couple of inches. It wasn’t a surprise, the weather dudes have been telling us for about 5 days it would happen. People do have a tendency to act like it’s Armageddon on the first one, even though we live in Wisconsin and this seems to happen every October. I think it’s seeking attention, or a sense of belonging to bitch about the first snowfall. I bought a new snowbrush and ice scraper for my new car this year, so I wasn’t so put out. I will survive this. And the doggo seems to like it, so whatever.

A lot of people love the snow, I am not really one of them. It is hard to say exactly when I started to hate the snow. Probably when I had to be responsible for snow removal. This first snowfall is not a shoveling event, it’s just on the grass and on vehicles so it is not so bad. It didn’t stick on the roads, and it didn’t seem slippery when I was out this morning, so again, no harm, no foul.

It seems to me I liked the snow as a kid. Most kids do, you make a snowman, throw snowballs, make snow angels. It can be fun. You don’t seem to notice the cold as much as a kid, and the payoff of playing out in the snow was some hot chocolate or hot cider when you got back inside. Like I said above, when snow becomes something you are responsible for moving around is when the hate sets in.

I have some great neighbors who love their snowblowers, so it isn’t so bad for me when we get big storms. They always help out. I think that is one of my favorite things about living in a neighborhood. People do look out for each other. My driveway is short, and I am not on a corner, so the sidewalk stretch isn’t too long either. The guys will have to wait a little longer to fire up their machines, this wasn’t that kind of a storm, but when the time comes they’ll be ready.

I think it’s the cold that I hate the most. I just want warmth. Most of us do, and I will tell you what, I owe all of the skinny women I used to mock an apology. Since I lost some weight, I get cold a lot easier than I used to. When women would come in the restaurant wrapped in layers and ask if our heat was on I would go in back and make fun of them, say stuff like “Maybe you should eat a sandwich once in a while!” I didn’t realize how much my fat was keeping me warm! I am not looking to bulk up to stay warmer, but where do the skinny people buy their sweaters and stuff? I may need some of that this year, I am happy to say. Haha. Let’s just say I am starting to see the draw of being a Snow Bird, I just am too young for that yet. Dammit.

So we have (mostly) survived our first measurable snowfall of the season. People have appropriately bitched about the fact that it is only October, and posted all the pictures. I even posted some, as it was almost pretty in the trees. But the sun is out, and it is doing its job. It will melt soon enough. The kiddos will still have to wear their coats over their costumes for the traditional Wisconsin Trick or Treating uniform. We are moving on into the next phase of seasons, and we will likely all survive. We are lucky to have all of the seasons here, it makes us heartier people, and gives us plenty to talk about. If not for the weather, most of us wouldn’t know what to say. Enjoy the day, and don’t forget to ask all your friends: Cold enough for ya?!?

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