Cold Enough For Ya?

It’s started early this year, the complaining about the weather. I am a full on participant this year. The temperature drop has been vicious and cruel, and ridiculously early. I think I read somewhere in my AARP materials that complaining about the weather is mandatory now that I carry their card with pride.

It’s nice that the cold came in with the time change back to Standard time. Gives us an opportunity to bitch about two things at one time. “It’s so dark so early, and boy that temperature sure dropped when the sun went down!” Two-fers. We love ’em!! The first week after Daylight Savings ends is a little shock to the system. But since it happens every single year, I don’t crab about it too much. Sure it’s kind of dumb, but lots of things are, so I choose to complain about other things, like people that complain about it, instead.

I am a bit perplexed by the early onslaught of Christmas stuff so early this year. I know people that are full on decorated already. Why? I get putting the outside lights up while it’s still decent out- oh wait, it has snowed 3 times already, so that’s not a thing. But why do you have to have your tree up for 2 months? What is that? I have my reasons for waiting on Christmas stuff, and it is called Thanksgiving and my birthday. A day dedicated to eating deserves our full attention. And a day dedicated to my presence in the world is worthy of some pause as well.

I will now speak on behalf of people with birthdays in December. Notice us!! We didn’t exactly pick our birth date! My birthday is at the beginning of the month, which isn’t so bad. My friend Amy has hers on the 19th. When we were first hanging out, years ago, she told me stories about how in the mayhem of holiday prep, her parents would kind of forget her birthday. And she would get one of her Christmas presents, wrapped in Christmas paper, hastily grabbed and handed to her! That made me so sad for her, and others with the unfortunate timing of being born close to that holiday! Her parents are great people, but with a business, 4 kids and big extended family, this stuff happens! So we, The December Babies, deserve our time too! Quit pushing Santa and his Elves down our throats before we have a chance to blow out our candles!

I got off track, surprise! So it’s cold out, huh? There are people that embrace winter, God bless them. I tolerate it. I am getting to the age where I see the draw of being a Snow Bird. I am just too young and too poor to make that dream a reality just yet. But even my cold weather buddies are crabby about this early cold! How are we going to make it if even they are ticked off at Mother Nature?

Well, not much use in complaining, they say. But I will anyway, here and in person should I see you before it warms up. Fear not, my friends. The time will fly, and before you know it the question will change back to “Hot enough for Ya?” and the circle of life continues. In the immortal words of Mary Jane, my mom: Bundle Up!!

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