You Look Really Nice Today

I started something a few years ago, probably prompted by something on Facebook, where I began giving random compliments to people. Things like “I like that sweater” or how cute some boots are a lady is wearing. Little things I notice to lift someone else up a little bit. It takes very little effort, but it makes another person feel good. It also made me feel good, and it made me more aware of little things. A win-win, as it were.

I still do this, pretty often. It is easy for me to do, working with the public, because I run across all kinds of people all day long. Most of the time the compliments are very well received, and some people get a little awkward, but I like it and I will continue. I always make an effort to be genuine about it too. That makes it better.

I got to thinking about it the other day, about compliments. There are all kinds of ways to compliment someone, not just the kind words about your pretty scarf and how it matches your eyes. I got a pretty big compliment the other day that wasn’t very obvious, until I took the time to consider it after the fact.

Three ladies come into the restaurant about once a month or so. They have meetings somewhere nearby, and they hit us up for lunch on their break. They were in Wednesday this week, and I recognized them by the way they ordered their drinks. Our exchange is usually simple, they order their food, have a few easy modifications, and they eat and get separate checks and move along, as they have a short lunch break. They thanked me for always being so accommodating, and they tip pretty well for ladies at lunch time. Then they told me the last time they were in, I hadn’t been working and they had someone else. It just wasn’t the same for them, and they were just happy I was there. That all is a very obvious compliment to me. So I thanked them. But one of them said this: We called yesterday to make sure you would be here today. They like me and my service so much, that if I would have had the day off, they would have lunched it up elsewhere. I kind of laughed and thought of the phone call, because the phone etiquette of some of our people is a little lacking, and there are language barriers some days for some that answer calls. I sent them back to their meeting, and went on with my shift.

You have no idea what that meant to me after the fact. I have guests that stalk the parking lot, looking for my car to decide if they should stop. (That can go both ways- Oh Crap, she’s there, keep driving!!) The new car has thrown quite a few people off the trail. I should have done a multi-media press release when I bought the Rav4. But having someone take the time to look up the restaurant’s number and make that call is special. It is a compliment, praise and it made me feel good.

Maybe you think people don’t notice you, because they don’t shower you with compliments. But a lot of people are not good with words. Or feel uncomfortable with the process of getting thanked for doing or saying something nice. Random acts of Kindness are a thing because some people want to do something nice without the attention. But sometimes a compliment or gesture is subtle. You don’t always have to know right away something nice happened, but the feeling will come to you. We get wrapped up in instant gratification, how many “likes” a post gets or when people tell you that you look good when you know damn well you look good because of the time you spent getting ready. Being aware of yourself is great, and getting appreciated is excellent. There is a chance that people are sending you that message in a less obvious way. Be aware of your dealings with others, you can send vibes and get them right back, and all of a sudden everyone feels good. Like magic, but better.

This positive vibe I am jamming today is a cumulative effect of a pretty good week. Lots going on, but nothing really happening, just good feelings I am trying to put out and they are coming back. That’s why I shared this today, I want to put it out there for you so you can get into this weekend on a high note, and enjoy the people around you. It’s Thanksgiving month, and we need something to keep us occupied and warm until the turkey and pie get served, as it’s late this year.

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  1. This isn’t new for you. I know some shmucks who started following you around 25 years ago because of the way you treated them.

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  2. I love this post. And I’ll have you know I read the line about people showering you with compliments as “Just because people don’t shower with you…” I thought that was setting the bar pretty high.

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