49 Years, 364 Days

Tomorrow is the day. The one I have been counting down for the past year. I turn 50 years old. I am not dreading it, but more looking forward to it, really. It’s a milestone, and it sounds serious to say “I’m 50.” Like yeah, that’s right, I am an adult now, a real grown-up! It’s time to get down to business!

I am happy it took 49 years to get here. There was a lot to learn to be a 50 year old woman. I learned the hard way sometimes, some stuff came easy. But each of those years gave something to me, and I am happy to bring it all along with me. While I was busy racking up years, I gained and lost others along the way. Not everyone makes it to 50. And to carry on forward with every year that comes along is a blessing.

I don’t have any grand plans at the moment for this 50th year. There will be a trip in February or March with my BFF Amy, who is also turning 50 this month, for us to celebrate the big 5-0. But after that it is just another year. It will go fast, as the years do as you pile them up. Next year when this year has moved on, I will likely reminisce about it, and I hope the memories will be great. I am just happy to be here.

For anyone that is getting another year tacked on soon, I hope you are living a happy life and not fretting about aging. It’s been funny having people tell me I sure don’t look 50, and I say I don’t feel 50, but I don’t exactly know how 50 is supposed to feel. I remember my parents turning 50, and they seemed older than I do now. But they also had me and my siblings aging them rapidly, so they probably were older. Haha. I wish they were here to see this day come, they have missed most of my birthdays now, but they were there at the start of this 50 years, they are the reason I get all of them. They are with me, but I don’t have to share cake with them anymore.

So with my AARP Card clutched in my hot little hands, I will move forward to 50. I will keep moving on, and just be happy I am here at all. I have collected many good friends along the way, I have fabulous memories and the ability to continue making them. What the next 50 years brings I cannot know, for me or for anyone. But I will take as many of them as this life will give to me. Thanks for being a part of my journey, and together we will go forward in search of senior citizen discounts!!

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