Booger Season

It is indeed booger season. Snot rules this time of year. It’s gross, but everyone is affected by it, so I feel it is ok to talk about it, sort of.

This came up this morning after my workout, with one of the coaches and another lady I work out with. Coach Lynn had busted out the disinfecting wipes to hit the high touching areas, doorknobs, things like that. So we talked a little about what people do to not get overly grossed out this time of year. This may make me sound like an icky person, but I just don’t really sweat that kind of stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I wash my hands often because I touch all kinds of nasty things at work, but I don’t carry hand sanitizer around with me and I mock people that do. I accept that there are germs everywhere. Some are harmful, some are not. Bacteria is a thing we all come in contact with every single day.

I don’t get sick very often. (Knocking on wood over here, now that I put it out there some giant illness will hit me soon, I am sure.) I credit that to working with the public, and with alcohol. I am exposed to a lot of different stuff every day. I work with booze so that will kill a little just by having it on my hands. I ran this theory by my doctor, and she said she has heard weirder things, so she didn’t dismiss it, which in my world makes it legit. But what it boils down to is exposure, it makes my immune system work a little harder to protect me because it never knows what is coming next. So get away from me with your Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer that smells like a cheap hooker on spring break. That crap isn’t helping you and it is making me gag.

Yes, wash your hands. You touched all kind of stuff on the way into the restaurant. Everything in your vehicle, the door handle, the chairs, the menu, the silverware wrap, the glass I touched to bring your drink, and on and on. So what thing was the worst? Probably when you reached into your purse with the wadded up snot rag inside to get out your Purell. Take it easy, you’re going to come in contact with a germ here or there.

We also talked about kids. We all know that they are little petri dishes. If you send them out in the world, they are going to come home with boogers or something on them. We all went to school with the kid that couldn’t keep his finger out of his nose. And what I want to say about that is that most people are good about teaching their kids some basic hygiene. But some people are not. Teach your kids to be kind to the ones who aren’t getting that at home. Help them out a little bit. I was one of those kids who didn’t get enough hygiene talk at home. God bless my mom, I am sure she wanted to, but her mental illness episodes came at some pretty crucial moments in my youth. My 3 older brothers had some knowledge, but they weren’t in a position to help a girl out with that stuff. I very thankfully had some friends with some wonderful moms who helped me out. They knew my home situation, and did what they could to teach me things without overstepping and without making me feel bad. Angels come to you throughout your life, you just don’t always see them that way until later on.

Like wrapping up those boogers in a Kleenex, I am going to bring this around too. During the holiday season you are going to get hugged, kissed and perhaps sneezed or coughed upon. You will survive all of it. They don’t mean to snot all over you, it is out of love they wiped their nose on your sleeve. But if you are sick, stay home and rest. Take care of yourself, because you are your own best asset. Wash your hands, but don’t freak out about every little germ. If you relax and enjoy your time with family and friends, you won’t care about who left a half-eaten cracker on the counter with the cookies. Spritz a little bourbon on it, or you, and all is well!

Merry Holidays and Happy Christmas!! If Hanukkah is your jam, as it begins Sunday at sundown, I wish you a very happy one of those too. 8 days and nights of celebrating is taking it to a level I can only dream of. Take the time to enjoy, reflect and circle yourself in all of the love and boogers!!

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