Resolution, well…

I get the point of New Year Resolutions. It’s like hitting a reset button for yourself. And if you can do it, it very likely feels great, an excellent sense of accomplishment. Right on, get after those goals! I don’t really make a resolution anymore. I used to, because everyone else does. But I usually didn’t do too hot at them, so I kind of stopped. And doing it at New Year is so typical, I wouldn’t want to be like everyone else.

Changing is good, if something isn’t serving you anymore. Change your habits, change your life, I guess. It’s worked for me in the recent years, with my whole fitness thing. That wasn’t really a resolution, although I did start in January 2 years ago. I was just tired of my way of living my life as an unhealthy person. That’s been tough, not just the physical part, but the whole change of my eating habits. I love the food that is bad for you. It’s so yummy, but it was hurting me far more than I enjoyed it. So I decided to hit a reset button. And things changed. The biggest thing that helped was the support system I found. If this is how you want to change your life, get people around you who will lift you up, not sabotage you.

How are your relationships? Not just the romantic ones, but the ones with your family and friends. Do you feel exhausted dealing with certain people? Is it them or you? It’s a lot to think about, and everyone loves to talk about toxic people and dumping them from your life. It’s easy to talk about, but hard to do. When you are connected to someone, and they are a part of your life, it is hard to cut it loose. But if they are not being a positive force in your life, maybe it is time to create some space between you. See if that makes the difference, and it could bring you peace. It’s hard, I know because I have tried, and letting go is the hardest part. A person in my life had to do this, with a family member, and it has been so hard for her, but it has opened up some other relationships that got crushed under the weight of the “toxic” person. The struggle to let go made other things happen that have been positive. Weigh out those things, and come to the place where you feel comfortable making those changes. You can heal too, then.

Clutter. Ugh. My life is cluttered. I tried to tackle it a little last year, and didn’t do so hot. I let it overwhelm me. I am going to take a crack at it again this year, but I am going to ask for help this time around. I watch “Hoarders” to make myself feel better about the crap I have to get rid of. It is just years of things that accumulated on me. Thank God my house doesn’t have more closets. I am a sentimental sap sometimes, and that is how it all happens. Yes, I still have a prom dress, and one of my Dad’s suits, he’s been gone almost 30 years. Prom was almost 35 years ago, but to be fair, I may actually fit into it again soon, if I keep working. But a lot of stuff has to go. My favorite is people telling me to sell it on Marketplace or somewhere. Like I would make that happen, I am very busy looking at my kindergarten art project. But I will work on it, not a resolution, but a goal for which I will make a plan. Pray for me.

Whatever it is you want 2020 to bring to you, I hope you can make it happen. Set an intention, make a goal, and get a plan for it. To just “resolve” to do it isn’t setting up a plan. I want all of us to have a better year, even if your previous year was great, there is no reason this one can’t be better. If I can help you, I will try to drag myself away from my 1996 Packers Super Bowl Collection to do so, just reach out. Happy New Year, Happy You. You certainly deserve both.

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