Metamorphosis is a lovely word, really. “A change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one by natural or supernatural means,” I mean truly, how wonderful is that? I remember as a kid learning the meaning of that as it pertained to caterpillars into butterflies. But we go through it as people too, we change as we move through life. Ready for some serious inspiration? Go somewhere else, this is going to be something else.

I love those Progressive Insurance commercials that show people turning into their parents because they bought a house or something. The support group, where they talk about heating the outdoors, not wearing the free hat, etc. Cracks me up! Because we all dealt with those things with our parents. It’s a part of the thing, they were probably horrified at some point it happened to them, and now it’s happening to us. I turn off lights that I turned on, I don’t have kids to blame it on.

A friend posted on Facebook this morning, a picture of some bacon he got a great deal on. It was discounted because it was a “Use of Freeze by Tomorrow” thing. I thought about how not too long ago I was horrified by the cheap, about to expire meat bin at the grocery store. Then one day, I looked and found a ribeye steak, a nice sized one, for less than $5. Guess where I start now when I am grocery shopping for meat? Yep, Ed would be proud.

I have 5 siblings, and then when Ed and Dar married there were a lot more people around the house all the time. Chaos at times, but fun in its own way. But buying groceries for that brood was expensive. Dad wasn’t quite a generic label buyer, but close, he bought store brand stuff. If he had been around when Walmart came, he would have been a Great Value guy, for sure. We longed for name brand cereals, what we got was IGA. My brother Mike once lamented that Dad would buy an IGA car if he could. We still being that up, regularly.

I find myself shopping, and for certain things, I buy store brand. I don’t even know when it happened. I looked at the price difference, and Ed reached down from the heavens and guided my hand to Everyday Essentials. It’s like I didn’t even know I did it. I had no control.

I think Ed would have liked Costco. Bulk items and a store brand? He would have spent hundreds of dollars to save $7. Kirkland stuff everywhere you look. He was an impulse purchase guy too, so he would have been victimized there for sure, much like his children do now too as we roam the aisles with our giant shopping cart, coming in for one or two items and leaving with a kayak.

I know there are far worse people I could change into other than my parents. They were good people. Dad would have worn the free hat. Hell, he did wear the free hat. Mom was a spender, she couldn’t save money, she liked spending foolishly and so do my siblings and I for the most part. And why not? Life is short, for crying out loud. But it has been a gradual move to the IGA stage of life, it happened seamlessly, and it feels like it was a supernatural force. I crawled into the cocoon, and emerged a Store Brand Buyer. I do Use or Freeze by a certain date. And I am proud to be Ed, Mary Jane and Dar’s kid.

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