Just A Quick One

I am going on vacation in a day, and I am pretty excited, as I am going with my dear friend Amy. We are celebrating turning 50, which we both did in December. Off to Florida for us tomorrow!! Leaving Wisconsin with a below zero wind hill will not be a chore, for sure.

This all falls under the category of having fun. But that falls into a sub-category of self care. Something I have embraced more of lately, and I think that is a thing that needs to come with a little age and increased wisdom. You just plain old need a little time away from your “life” from time to time. When you’re young and working hard at having a life, you go out and party and take little weekends away, and that is your “me time.” But after some time, you long for the bigger things. I have always wanted to travel far and wide, but the money part of it has always hindered me. I am getting better at not sweating that so much, although I don’t want to go broke just to see a palm tree.

I have devised my own little way to save for vacations and such. And with a job that is very cash heavy, that is easy to set aside money. Just a little at a time. So I save my change, I tuck away a little each day after a shift. It makes is manageable to save it. Without touching my actual bank account, I have enough money to have some serious shenanigans with Amy this week coming up. She is the same way, she squirrels away some cash here and there. We joked yesterday about how we are going to hit Florida and be mostly off the grid with our cash. The Man doesn’t need to know what we’re up to, we’re bringing unmarked bills and we are having a good time.

So self care, on vacation. Take some time, and have a little fun. Don’t kill yourself working just to sit on your porch watching the world go by. Get out there and be a part of the world, let someone else watch you go by!! You should do it while you’re young enough to do what you want, and old enough that you appreciate it a little bit more. You know how the little things accumulate and you deserve a break from it.

Amy and I will send you warm and sunny wishes from Florida, and I will see you kiddos here on the Coco Page, when I get back. Save some aloe for my back, I am a pasty white Wisco Girl headed towards sun and fun!!

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