TP, and Me

So, how about that Coronavirus? This is some pretty fun stuff we are dealing with, isn’t it? I wish I had an ability to stay off Facebook for a while. Most of the memes are funny and stuff, but people sure are all about telling others how to live and conduct themselves. I am lucky, I had a couple of days off from Coronavirus Panic, as I was doing the Colonoscopy Shuffle for the Newly 50. Good times, I’ll tell you!

First, the TP hoarding that is going on is mind boggling. As my sister-in-law has mentioned many times, superfluous pooping and diarrhea are not symptoms of the Covid-19, so what’s up? I prepped for my colonoscopy, which provides a good 12 hours of poop and colon cleansing fun, and I didn’t use even a whole roll of TP. People are posting that others are selling it on Marketplace or Craigslist at obnoxious prices. First off, they are douchebags, if it is true. 2nd, if you are desperate enough to consider it, stop over. I have a roll or 2 to spare while you consider your next bowel movement.

Schools here in Wisconsin have been ordered to close by Wednesday. The people I know with kids are in kind of a panic about what to do, as they all have jobs. Not everyone who works can do it from home. I have seen people make some very kind offers regarding help with making sure they can eat, or even watching the kids while parents work. This is the good in people coming out, and it is awesome to see. Then the “you better not take those kids to the mall or trampoline park” memes started popping up. The “I know more than you do” crowd goes into full effect. The funny thing I noted is the few of those I saw were posted by people that do not have school age kids anymore. My idea is instead of criticizing right away, how about offering some plans and ideas of how to keep the kiddos busy? They will have school work to do, this isn’t summer vacation, there is still a curriculum. But how do you plan on filling the “recess time?” Or the other many hours of a day that need to be filled? Help each other out with this stuff instead of cruising the trampoline park’s parking lot judging anyone there.

There are a lot of jobs you don’t think about that are getting affected. I think it’s cool some of the NBA players, including Giannis (not even going to attempt that last name) are offering to help pay for staff at their arenas while this suspended sports stuff goes on. The lost revenue of just the NCAA tournament is staggering. A friend who works for places like the PAC said he is done for a month, no gigs. That means no money. I will be curious to see how this affects my work. I have been off the two days since States of Emergency have been declared. I imagine if it is slower that extra staff gets cut. I know our carryout business has been steady, and will probably increase as this goes on. I wish everyone in my industry luck, because this could get ugly. My service industry group page has a feast/famine vibe about it, the people that work in cities that normally have conventions and big sports teams are hurting, while dive bar business seems to be up and even busier than normal. Time will tell.

Ok, my friends. Let’s all take a moment for a deep breath. I am not a panic person. This whole thing is certainly cause for concern. I think people that are in certain situations are in for a tough time: the elderly, those with underlying health issues, and young kids. People with suppressed immune systems need these closings and cautious patterns. Those of us with healthier profiles and low risk factors need to be conscious of that, and be willing to help them out. If you know your neighbor needs some help, check on them. If they need help with their kids, offer assistance, not judgement. If you have hoarded TP, for whatever reason, give up a roll or two for the less fortunate TP shoppers. Lean on Me. Great song, and great advice for the stretch here. We have an opportunity here to be better citizens and better neighbors. I hope you see that opportunity and take advantage of it. Please do not panic, it is not time for that. I got you, I promise.

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