The Longest Week, So Far

Remember when we all thought January was the longest month in the history of ever? Welcome to The Week We Just Lived. Wow, I can’t believe all that has happened in just a few days. Things have changed so much for all of us there is no place to begin.

I think back to Monday, which for me was still normal-ish. The kids went to school by my house, but that was it. I had the morning off, did my Monday morning stuff, including going to FIRE. I go to work at 4 on Mondays, and when I left, the kiddos were carrying their stuff home from school. It made me sad. I went to work, which was slower than my normal Monday night shift, but it was OK. And that was the end of normal. The state shut us down on Tuesday.

Tuesday, I went to the gym for what was the last time for I do not know how long. I miss it, and my 7am people, a lot. This is hard. But I started that day like all of my Tuesdays, but I knew it was coming, I just hoped they would let us get most of the week in. The state closed us by 5. I got my shift in, but it was not a regular day, it was very quiet. We got our liquor order, food trucks, and the news came. I sat in the parking lot and cried, because leaving there for an undetermined amount of time was overwhelming. That is my family, my home for the past 10 years. How do you leave, not knowing when you can return? I spent the rest of Tuesday just kind of numb.

Wednesday at home with Zelda. She liked that, even though I could tell she knew the schedule was off. My gym decided they would close, and while some of the other locations still had camps, the numbers were limited, and I did not want to take a spot that someone could use if it was their home gym. But that was the last day for those locations too. I got a message that day from a friend that Costco was looking for people, so I applied online. I got a call, went for an interview and got hired on the spot to start on Friday. That was fast, and I am thankful. The idea of not working, and having to survive on unemployment scared me.

Thursday was quiet. It was rainy, and with nobody really out and about it was unsettling. I ran a few necessary errands, and sat in front of the TV.

I started at Costco on Friday. Since they hired because of the chaos they have had since all of this started, I got thrown right into it. I will tell you, it is fast paced, hard work. Much more physical than what I am used to, and I bartend and serve!! The people are very nice, and helpful to get you in the groove of things. And the members that I have encountered have been very nice, and so many thank us for being there for them. What I will say is that people need to have better manners when it comes to carts! Part of the job entails going out and collecting carts. Most everyone gets them to the cart corrals, but they just put them in there all willy nilly! I survived it, but rest assured I will be better behaved with carts for the rest of my life, and I was always one to put them in the corrals as nicely as I could!

Saturday was more of Friday. I worked, unloading and loading carts, retrieving carts and straightening up the store after close. I haven’t worked retail in more than 25 years. I forgot how much work it really is!

So now it is Sunday morning, and everything is turned upside down, and flipped around and strange. I have followed how it is all going for other people, and everyone is out of their routine. We are learning as we are going. We can all keep going, if we keep going together at a safe distance. I hope the use of social media is helping people feel connected to each other. Isolation is tough on people, and even if you love your family more than anything, being with them all the time can be tough. Keep yourself occupied as much as you can, or relax a little. There is no right or wrong, since we are all doing the best we can.

Let’s see what this week brings, I know for me it will bring more Costco and more ibuprofen. I am grateful to have a job, so I won’t complain (much) about a few aches and pains. Hopefully we all get in a groove, and there aren’t any big surprises lurking around the corner. Stay safe, stay healthy, and support and love each other. Six feet people, ok?

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