Since all of the Safe at Home orders and job changing and things, I have watched more TV, and movies, than I normally do. Don’t get me wrong, I watch plenty of TV, but usually re-runs of “The Big Bang Theory” or “Friends.” But my cable has graciously been rotating premium movie channels while this goes on, so I have watched more movies as of late. It’s cool, I sometimes DVR them so I can watch later too. But I like some classic stuff now and again, and I came across the original “Karate Kid” movie, that I have seen many times. And let me tell you, we all need us some Mr. Myagi in our lives.

Mr. Myagi in his very Myagi way, gets Daniel all schooled up in karate. But throughout what he is really teaching him is about Balance. Life is about balance, and most of us screw that up royally throughout our lives. It isn’t easy. Family, work, love, money, etc. And I see that, I know I am not the best at it. I have tried to do better, and occasionally I do better. It’s easier to screw up than get right, and that is why Mr. Myagi pushes Daniel so much for it.

Energy, we all have it to a degree. How do you use your energy? Do you feel like you have a negative or positive energy in your daily life? I like to think I have a positive energy, but I know full well the words I use under my breath when people wrong me in a way that I perceive to be “hurtful.” That is my negative energy, rearing its head to let me know it is there. It isn’t easy to balance it some days. It sneaks up on me sometimes, I could be in a great mood, then someone drives by in the wrong colored car and I bust out a string of swear words that would make a sailor blush. (I have a sailor in my family now, so I know how much they swear for real!!) Then I will talk myself off that particular ledge. “What was that about? They didn’t do anything to you! Well, it was the wrong color!! Ok whack job, whatever makes you happy!” Internal dialogue is just fantastic.

Alright, all of this is just a little prelude to this: How are you using your energy during this pandemic? Are you staying positive, or is it getting you and dragging you to a more negative place? And either answer is ok, as long as you learn to balance it a little bit. Our “Safer at Home” order just got extended, by a month. It stinks. It is going to negatively affect a lot of people I know who own small businesses, who work for themselves, and who are already stressed out working at home. I feel so bad for all of them. I see you, and I know it is hard right now. Another month and some of them may not make it back. But I try to see both sides, because that is how I have to get to my balance. If things go better with the numbers, the order can be lifted. They (the state) could use that time to develop a “soft open” for some of these businesses. A lot can change and I sure hope it does.

There is a protest planned for tomorrow at our state capital. I absolutely support people and their right to assemble, but I feel this thing is going to be all negative energy. Never mind the potential of people getting sick, that is another topic. But like many protests, this will only push one side of an agenda, and not offer any solutions, no plan. No plan, no balance. This can’t be an “All or Nothing” type of thing. I think you should come to the table, both sides, with a plan. How do you phase us back into a safe, yet open, place? Find that balance.

Not too many of us will be able to find that balance right now. I want my friends to get back to their businesses and jobs. I want the kids to be able to play together, and I want to go to a bar and have a drink with my friends. But I want it to be safe. I want that balance, for them and for me. We do deserve it, truly. We got knocked off our blocks by this pandemic. That block got knocked over. We need to set it straight before we can climb back onto it, or it won’t be stable and we will fall off again. Balance.

Cue Mr. Myagi knowingly nodding as the screen fades to black.

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