Nobody’s Right When Everybody’s Wrong

Just about 2 months ago it all came off the rails. Right? It feels so much longer some days. I sit and think how long it’s been since I last saw this person, that person, since I have been anywhere but the grocery store, Kwik Trip or Costco. I stopped at the bakery yesterday to buy a cupcake for a friend’s birthday. That 2 minute stop lasted almost 10 minutes because I knew the person working and it was so nice to talk to someone other than my co-workers. We didn’t talk about anything but the ‘Rona and it’s effects on stuff, because that is all there is to talk about, but it was fantastic! Best conversation in months!

The State of Wisconsin got turned loose the other day by our state Supreme Court. You know, lawsuit filed, heard, debated, overturned, game on! But those that had filed weren’t ready with their plan, so now our Brain Trust of a State Government has turned it all over to the counties. Some are open, letting it flow as it wants. Locally, the counties in my immediate area all issued orders for more Safer at Home, for at least 6 more days. It kind of feels like the Bus is headed for the cliff, and nobody s driving the bus. I am torn about what’s right here. I want my friends that own businesses to get their lives back, start making money again, but I feel like getting turned loose with no guidelines or parameters is scary. I want people to use their heads, but from the pictures and videos of bars that did get to open, that isn’t going to happen. It might be game on here in a few days. See what happens, I guess.

The real fun is in how everyone blames anyone who they find on YouTube or certain media outlets, and how medically knowledgeable everyone got in two months. I bet all these doctors who spent years in med school and doing internships and stuff feel silly. Two months of quarantine and they could have all of that knowledge and expertise just by watching YouTube videos. I think the Darwin theory will get all of that sorted out soon enough. But people know what’s best, just ask them. I just hate how snarky everyone has gotten. Some people are legitimately scared, for their own reasons, and people bully them about it. It’s so sad. If you aren’t ready, I understand. I am a little leery of getting out there right away too. I don’t need to go to a bar that badly, and a part of it is my concern for the workers at the establishments. I just hate the thought of them getting back to work, finally, earning a little money, getting off unemployment, and they will end up infected. Now they’re sick, can’t get their unemployment benefits, and what happens? It is scary, and I don’t think there is a right or wrong thing, it’s just a thing that will have to happen to see what happens, if that makes any sense.

The list of things getting canceled is growing too. That’s tough to take too, because with many of them months away, you just get a feeling of dread that this will never end. I know it will end, just don’t have any idea of when. Uncertainty is not fun, and having to find a way to plan for things you don’t know about is tough. People are getting crabby about the cancelations, saying summer is canceled and such. Fun will be had, you will have to get creative and make your own good times. But be ready for people to decline invitations, and be kind about it. Not everyone is ready, and that is ok. I have no crystal ball, but I know a lot of fun people who will make the best of a summer with little or no events planned.

In my rambling here, I am trying to sort through the last 2 days since the state abandoned us. I don’t think that is really how I feel, but I don’t feel great about how things have gone down the last couple of days. I can only control what I do, however. I will support the people I care about as this moves forward. If you are out, please be careful, and mindful of those around you. If you are hanging at home yet, I get it. The main thing I want back in my life is my gym. I can go without a lot of the other stuff right now. I hope that those of you heading back to work soon are careful, and that things go well. Navigating this is tough, and the most important asset you have is you. Protect that asset. Move ahead, but be mindful as you do. Anyone that reads this is important in my life, and I want to have you around for a long time. Stay safe, and wash those hands!!

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