Dependence on Independence

We just got through the 4th of July. Here we are, on the 5th of July, sweeping up the shrapnel of the spent fireworks, getting the beer cans into the recycling bin, and eating leftover potato salad for breakfast. It’s a great holiday, and one we should celebrate with a lot of enthusiasm. It’s a party, but it’s a holiday based on our Declaration of Independence from a distant and tyrannical body that was holding us back from all we could be. I hope we recognize that, and realize what a gift that declaration really was.

Are you truly living an Independent life? How Free are we really? I think we have it pretty good, but we do count on our government for some guidance, which sometimes works pretty well, and other times it’s like we spent the $100 mom and dad left for groceries on beer and cigarettes. There’s been so much bickering about freedom and rights these past few months of the ‘Rona experience, and to be honest, I am kind of losing sight of where idiocy ends and freedom begins. It’s on an endless loop, and I just can’t take much more of the crap, swirled together with the election crap. At least the ‘Rona is keeping that to a dull roar at the moment.

The Mask/No Mask one is the one that is just so overwhelming right now. I do not always remember to wear the mask when I should, but I do try to be conscious and aware of others when I forget. I have seen many videos posted of the meltdowns that people have over the mask thing. Here it is: If a business has decided to make wearing a mask a condition of shopping there, you have 2 choices. Comply, or shop somewhere else. It truly is that easy. This is not the time for you to pitch a fit, declaring your own Bill of Rights for the world to see, because you know someone is going to record your infantile ass having a tantrum. People love that, catching a moment like that and getting it posted in a hot minute for a million views. Congratulations on exercising your right to look like a giant douche baby in public. The employee making $12 and hour really enjoyed you spewing your Covid-spit all over them for a policy they didn’t make. But at least you’re on YouTube now!!

How did we get here? Who knows? But while you do have certain rights as an American citizen, being a monumental douche-bag is going to have some consequences, and you really ought to stop and think for just a second before you make that Declaration of Independence from the ‘Rona and all it involves, because while you are in a free country, you are also burdened with a small amount of personal responsibility and social awareness. Social awareness is tough on a lot of people, because no one ever mentioned that the world doesn’t really revolve around them. The Karens of the world are having a tough time, because society has been calling them out on this, and now the ‘Rona is affecting people, and making some of them be aware that they may just have to consider others for a little while. Pandemics suck, right?

It’s not that I don’t want you out there enjoying your freedoms, your rights for being born in the right place. Just be a little considerate of what the others are going through. We get good at this as a society for little bursts at a time, but it all goes away as soon as it becomes and inconvenience to my life, my perceived space and aura. Enjoy your freedom, just don’t invade my bubble unless I invite you in. Like it or not, believe it or not, we are in a pandemic, and the “every man for himself” crap isn’t really helping anyone, including you. I said at the start of this, when things were closing down in March, we get through this together, or we don’t get through it. And I do still believe that, and I have faith in the majority of people, but a few of you are trying me. That just ain’t right. Get it together, people, the key word being together, not independently. We do better as a whole, not as individuals on our own little islands. Be supportive and respectful, please.

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