Long Week

Yeah, it has been a long week. I went from a happy little tribute to my Spaztastic Zelda to a week of headlines that you wouldn’t believe if it weren’t 2020. So much to say, no right way to say it. I don’t normally find myself for this big of a loss for words, but this week did it. Just going to hit the lowlights, I think. I want to be able to look back in a year and see if it was real.

I paid zero attention to either the DNC or the RNC the past 2 weeks. Couldn’t stomach it. I think the state of politics and the people that participate in how our country has run amuck is pathetic. Joe Biden isn’t really a solution to anything, I like Kamala Harris, don’t get me started on the Propaganda that was Donny-Fest in DC. I saw headlines, I watch the news. Nobody likes getting stroked as much as Trump does, and he stroked it hard this week. Cleanup is going to take weeks to get that sticky residue off the front lawn. It all leaves a bad taste, and the idea that neither party does anything but bad mouth the other party while we all stare in disbelief makes me so upset. Come November, whatever happens, nobody is really going to win anything, most of all regular everyday people.

Kenosha. Long considered one of the armpits of Wisconsin with Racine. Lots of attention poured onto the Wisco this week, none of it really good. I don’t know what to even say about any of it. I am flabbergasted by the events of this week down I-94. What I do know is that not a lot of people are in the right here. Blake should have acted better. The officer who fired 7 times into his back should have acted better. The 17 year old FIB who came riding up with his long gun hoping to be some kind of hero is facing murder charges. He should have acted better by keeping his underage self and his parent’s weapon south of the state line. He just ruined his life. He will never be the police officer he dreamed of being. I know a lot of people that think he is some special “patriot.” No, he illegally open carried across his state line, was out after an imposed curfew and then got in deeper than he ever was ready for. And he is probably supposed to be starting his senior year in high school. He is 17. Can’t even buy a lottery ticket, and now he is facing murder charges. He isn’t old enough to vote for his big hero, Trump. Now he might not ever get to vote, or legally own one of his dream weapons. Nobody is right when everybody is wrong.

As a result of the officer involved shooting, the NBA and MLB reacted. According to many people in my newsfeed, their spoiled rich asses don’t need to be heard from, and they should shut up and play. Sigh. While I sit back and watch people swear off sports, I think about it and I myself saw what the Bucks and Brewers did, by not playing their games, was out of respect for the community. I might be wrong. It happens. But Kenosha is literally just down I-94. Yes, they were making a statement, but what I heard was different than what many thought. I believe that athletes are a little out of touch with their fans, when you make that kind of money it happens. But it’s not that different than when rich politicians make statements. They don’t relate to us either. But we listen to them when they rant about this or that. The athletes just quietly sat out a couple of games. They didn’t rant about things, just collectively gave it a rest for the day. But as I have said before, we all have different vision. What I see and what you see might look like two very different things as we look at the same thing. But as I understand it, there may be some season tickets available for the Bucks and Brewers next season. We’ll see what happens.

Big hurricane this week. That beast Laura didn’t make many headlines in comparison to some lessor storms that have jacked up the Gulf coast. But she knocked a serious punch down in Louisiana and she kissed Texas in a rough way too. There are a lot of people that got devastated, and I don’t really know if too many people in our government paid much attention. Again, Donny was busy fondling his ego, and all of us are dazed by the Kenosha, the ‘Rona and all 2020 is heaping out on us. But take a minute, please, and consider what may be needed down there. When Katrina had her way with New Orleans, we loaded up trucks with toiletries, clothes, shoes and all kinds of things, and helped out. The Red Cross would be a good place to start, see if they have a list of needs, I am sure they do. I may have a few people down south who read this, I bet blood banks need some donating. There is something good we can do, in the middle of all this bad stuff going on right now.

Now, I may not have been personally hit by any of the things that made this week so long, and I am thankful for it. But it all hurts my soul, my heart. I see a lot of my friends fighting it out on the social media, and that is no good either. I have kept it pretty quiet this week. Watching the melee as it were. I am finding that getting in a tiff on Facebook just isn’t worth it. People throw out so much inaccurate nonsense that it makes your head spin. I am here, and I am paying attention. I care about what happens, I have just been learning when it is prudent to speak up. I would rather more people did the same, but there would be no entertainment value in that. I have a large variety of people in my life, with many different beliefs. The thing is, in my silence I am learning a lot. When you turn your own volume down, the other senses can pick up so much more. Let’s all hope that this upcoming week is a little more quiet, and not quite so long.

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