Life In the ‘Hood

There’s a “drug house” in my neighborhood. It’s been a problem for a while, and a couple of months ago, the cops finally busted it, and the father and son that lived there were arrested and charged with a whole list of things. A kid had OD’d and died, so that was a big problem. The thing was, that people were still showing up there all the time. This is a block away from me, so I don’t see it all the time, but the few houses right around it are definitely affected. My friend and her husband have 2 cameras they put up because they have had it. They catch a lot of things going on over there, all the coming and going of people. The neighbors over there are exhausted.

So the cops do what they can. They have lots going on, but they respond, but unless they find someone there, not a lot can be done. It’s got a notice posted, no one is supposed to be there, but it happens all the time. So a few days ago, Dad gets out of jail, his bail got reduced and he posted and got out. He is back at the house. Things had finally calmed down over there, for about 3 weeks it was little to no action. Until last night. I get a message from my friend, it just said “Overdose” and I responded “Where?” but I knew. That POS picked right up where he left off back in July. There were 4 people in a car, she saw them, and they dumped the guy ODing on the grass and they took off. Now we have about 8 or more squad cars and an ambulance over there. I think the person is ok, they gave the Narcan and went to the hospital. Cops get a warrant, go in the house but don’t find anyone. We were all out there about an hour, and I ended up going home.

I am fairly naive about drugs, but I am not, you know? When I was a kid, the school brought a young girl in to talk to us about her drug use. I am sure it was a court ordered thing, but she went into great detail about drugs she had used, things she had done to get drugs, how she prostituted herself and what a mess her life was as a result. I might have been about 10 or 11 years old. I cannot speak for any other person in that room, but I heard her, she got to me loud and clear. She scared the crap out of me, and therefore I have largely stayed clear of drugs. I smoked pot a couple of times back in the early 90s, but I had to get talked into it. So my knowledge comes from the many substance abusing friends I have as a result of restaurant work. I have seen some people ruin their lives, I have seen some people fight back and beat their addictions, and they fight every single day. And I always think of that girl. I don’t know if she ever made it, she was a mess, but if I could, I always wanted to let her know that she at least saved me from it. To thank her would be amazing, if she made it.

So that is why this drug thing is so hard. They have been pumping the anti-drug message pretty hard for 40+ years now. I get it, I know what it can do, I have extended family that fell to it, I know people that fight it. So it is just so sickening that this keeps going on a block from my house. That bastard was out of jail 3 days and people are OD’d on a Tuesday night. My neighbors are all scanning their video feeds for footage to help the police find the car that dumped the guy in the yard. We had kids running back and forth from their houses to see what is happening at 9:00 on Spring Street. They picked up John, the guy that got out a few days ago, he came walking by like he was on a casual stroll. He saw the one squad car that was still there and kept walking, but my friend recognized him and called out his name, and like a dumbass he answered so the cops arrested him. But he was out later that night. The neighbors think something more was going on, there were more cars coming and going. It goes on and on, all for some meth or heroin.

If it was just some junkie, some random person, I could probably ignore it all pretty successfully. But this is my neighborhood, my neighbors are all affected by this. They have kids. They want this crap to be over. But the cars keep stopping and leaving, strange cars drive by slow up and down Summit Street. And nobody over on that block sleeps right at night. Their Ring cameras go off, the security cameras keep recording, and the guy in the yard is gasping for breath waiting for the paramedics to come save him so he can get better to get the next hit. The talk last night was everybody turn their cameras off for a few minutes and we will have a bonfire, burn it to the ground. We laugh and say “just kidding” but I am beginning to think we aren’t.

The sun is coming up now, so it may be 12 hours until we see any more action. But I hope what I see is more squad cars patrolling, less junkies walking around, and my neighbors relaxing, just a little bit. These are good people, living in what should be a quiet little neighborhood, and they deserve more peace than 8+ squads and an ambulance on a Tuesday night.

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