The 3 Week Week

It’s been a looooong week! We sure know how to jam a lot into a little space of time. We had us a Halloween, Full Moon, time change, election that goes on and on, 2 Packers games, plus they made us work all week! Yikes!!

So it is time to check in on everyone. Mental health check! How are you coping? I myself have used a lot of denial, avoidance and food to get through the week. Not maybe the healthiest decisions, but I made it to Saturday, so I will count it as a win. I can’t speak for anywhere else in the country, but the weather here this week has really helped a ton! Mother Nature has been agreeable and served us up a stretch of above average temperatures, sunshine and pretty things. I have even seen some very confused flowers budding while walking the Zelda out and about. It is all very much appreciated, especially on Tuesday when we all stood in long lines for voting. A sunny day made it so much better than what it has turned into, which is a bit of a circus, with no ringmaster.

I won’t go into the election too much, since it isn’t really a thing yet. But the moods of people have been interesting. Nobody is truly ecstatic about anything yet, as of this morning. I suppose that all depends on who you threw the vote to, and I get that. The one thing I lost a bet on, just a bet with myself, is that the people I thought would be the noisiest, on social media, have been pretty quiet this week. Now, there is a pretty good chance some of them are sitting in the Facebook Jail, that happens sometimes, but even still, it’s been subdued. That’s downright creepy. I mean, I was ready to read things, see things, and get all kinds of riled up where appropriate. I will have to wait until the horses cross the finish line, I guess.

We got two Packers games jammed into a week. One ugly, one a winner. That’s an emotional roller coaster for me any week, let alone this week. It’s such a strange season, with the ‘Rona as a tag along. I have watched all the games by myself. I can even admit I haven’t had a beer during any of them, and now it’s become a weird part of my superstitions for the season. I have gameday rituals, which I won’t reveal because we can’t let opposing teams learn what might hurt or help the Pack. Really, I have kept my weirdo things to a minimum this season, because it all feels so tenuous. Like I am so afraid it will all get suspended, so if I don’t invest too much my heart can’t get broken. Why don’t my relationships ever work? Look at the Badgers, they gave us a fantastic opening game, and now they are all ‘Rona locked down. Great first date, no phone calls after. So I am very quietly being the Stalker Girlfriend of the Packers. I am here, they know I am here, but they are going about their business like they may have to leave town unexpectedly, and will let me know. So, GO PACK GO, just don’t Go Away Pack Go.

They took that hour of daylight away and tacked it on at the start of the day this week. That’s been an adjustment too, but I usually take it pretty well. With the new job, I leave at 5 each day, and it’s been some beautiful sunsets when I have been leaving this week, but that’s going to end quick. It will be dark AF when I am leaving work, probably after this week. Now, it is only about 45 days until we start gaining daylight again, but that’s a slow crawl back to Daylight Savings, and given how this year has been such a drag it may seem worse than normal. But I am trying to keep that glass half full, so yay!! 45 days!! Meanwhile, I keep moving forward, because the seems like the thing to do, hopefully everyone else is doing ok with it and headed that way as well. Keep that head up!

We are headed towards winter, but we aren’t there quite yet, so don’t rush things, except to finish this week. It had its time, I want to kick this one to the curb. I think people are tired, and it shows in a lot of ways. But the one thing I would hope is that we can all find a way to be decent to each other. Whether it is your political opinions this week, how the Packers can stink so much one day and be superstars four days later, or that it’s just too dark too early, choose your words carefully, and stay on the side of kindness. We are traveling together. It’s like the movie “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” really. Neal and Del had a tough time traveling together, but at the end of it all, they needed each other and ended up where they both needed to be. Together. So find the best way to get there together, if you can.

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