Go Pack Go!!

People who know me understand very well my obsessive love of the Pack. I have written previously about it, but today I am feeling a little extra crazy. It’s Playoffs Baby!!! I just am so very excited!! It’s ok, I am ok, I promise.

Maybe it’s the way the past year has been that is raising the crazy bar a little for me. It has been a year of tempering expectations in everything. Which sucks. It felt like every little thing you looked forward to got cancelled. Because it did. When football was getting ready to start, and the training camp schedule changed, and no preseason games, I said I will believe there will be games when they actually play them. With a lot of caution, and planning and so very much praying from me, they actually played! It felt good, even if it didn’t feel normal with no fans. I was just happy to have the season.

It has been a good season too, mostly the Pack has played well, and a quick run down of Aaron Rodgers’ stats tell you all you need to know about him. MVP much? My whole game watching dynamic changed. I got to watch every game all the way through without working. Dreams do come true. I watched them alone, mostly and at home. Zelda isn’t the fan I am, so we occasionally had to take walks at halftime, but she let me have my way most of the time. That’s a win, even when the Packers didn’t.

My superstitions have mostly been kept to a dull roar, but I did this week get to treat my new co-workers to a little of my Playoffs Crazy this week. I was pretty subtle, but I wore something Packers related every day leading up to yesterday when I just Packered it up all the way. Yes, I do have green shoes, and a suitable yellow/gold pair as well. Several pairs of Packers socks to choose from, many shirts, hats, and the more subtle yet effective green eyeliner. Usually I reserve that for game days, but it is playoff week, so green makeup is acceptable every day. I explained it this way to several people: See, the Rams (this week’s opponent) can study and prepare for the Packers. Look at game film, scout the offense and practice all they want. They are not ready, nor can they prepare, for me and the things I use to dismantle their hopes and dreams of advancing. Nothing, they are helpless against my yellow pants. I am not saying the things I do to prepare for games will guarantee a victory for the Pack, but I would hate to not put the effort in, and have them lose because I didn’t care enough to try. You’re welcome, Packers.

This is me. I have done weirdo things like this for years. I probably couldn’t stop if I wanted to, because I do want to, very much, be an active participant in the intimidation of opposing teams. I do some of it for the Brewers too, I have some impressive stuff I pull out for them too. It’s just worked better for the Pack. And I have friends that do it too. My friend Matt has a whole Voo Doo thing he does for games, and he texts the pictures to a select group of us before the game, just to be sure. He even has some more strange things than I do, but I don’t find them odd, because I know. My friend Stacy has her crystals and stones, and I know people who have all kinds of things that help get them through and help the Pack all at one time. We are holding up our end of the bargain, for sure!

One of my favorite denials in my life is pretending I am not superstitious, but I so am. It is fun working with new people this year and giving them a glimpse into my crazy. I wore Packers gear to the gym this morning, it’s game day all day baby!! It’s fun, and it makes me feel great, and even when they don’t win it is being a part of a community, even if I watch the game alone. People who don’t get sports, don’t like or watch any, are missing an opportunity for a community, and friendships that are crazy yet stable. Loving one team and hating another is an interesting way to bond, and it has brought me some fantastic relationships over the years. I know those people who aren’t sports fans have their own things, so I am not knocking them, I just like the way I get there for me. It’s fun, frustrating, great and awful. What a ride!

I am obviously hoping for a big win today. If it doesn’t go the way I hope, I will likely be ok. But should they win, the crazy goes on, and I will have another week of compliments on my sweet shoes, and I may have to dig out the yellow pants. My office is in the back of the building, most everyone is safe, I promise. My boss is a Bears fan. He may find me insufferable this week if the Pack advances. It’s his own fault, he offered me the job, he has nobody to blame but himself. Ok Friends, I have to go start getting ready, it’s only 6 hours to kickoff. Have a great weekend, and most importantly, GO PACK GO!!!!

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