Spring Forward

We changed the clocks again, at least most of them. My kitchen clock stays the same all year, and is now correct again as of 2:00am. The social media will be full for the next couple of days of people complaining, one way or another, about the whole idea being dumb. The old “Do you take the end off a blanket and put it on the other end and tell yourself you have a longer blanket?” crowd. Just shut it people, and enjoy the daylight going past your clock out time at work.

It’s an hour. You can complain for longer than that when you crank up your list of stuff you like to bitch about. You could adapt faster if you shut your trap. I am personally a fan of the extra daylight at the end. I feel like the hibernation period is over and we can all crawl back out into the world. I know I deal with that first morning of it by staying in bed longer. I did that this morning, I went back to bed for an hour. Problem solver? Why yes I am!!

What the time change really means to me is that it is really going to be Spring. We have just about crawled out of Winter. The Equinox is in a week. Yay!! I know that our friend, Mother Nature, gets the final say on when the winter junk really leaves, but as far as the tilt of the planet back towards the sun? It’s all happening! It’s time! The period of renewal and growth is coming. How are you going to spend that time?

I am excited about spending more time outside. Taking the Zelda on longer walks, getting my lunch hour walks back as the weather gets nicer. Sitting out on my little patio, watching the Summit Street world go by and sunsets. Baseball games, outdoor music events, and driving with my windows open. Doesn’t it all sound just perfect? Whatever your jam is for springtime, I hope you get all of it and more. We have earned it!

Especially this year. We have spent two years in a pandemic purgatory. It feels like we are coming out of it, like for real this time, and it feels good. Of course we don’t know what anything in the future holds, but this spring feels like it is bringing a little extra Hope along for the ride. I know the world is kind of a mess, the people of Ukraine may not feel as much hope as they deserve at the moment. The constant and inevitable bitching about gas prices is in full swing right now as well. (Side note about that, those bitching the loudest have the biggest vehicles that get 15 mpg, so I am not impressed by them.) But we are getting to Spring, and we should take time to enjoy it.

I truly believe that Spring brings us the most hope of any of the seasons. I think the extra daylight at the end of the day helps boost that feeling. If we have to chop that hour at 2 am to get a little more light at 6pm today, it is all worth it. We have endured darkness long enough for the cycle. We endure darkness in many place of our lives, a little extra light at dinner time can shift a mood and change an outlook. Enjoy all of it, and Happy Almost Spring!

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