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How are we doing? Are things ok? After Pandemic induced life changes, I wonder how all of my people are doing. It all seems surreal now, you know. More than two years since all of it started, and so much has changed. Trying to continue towards normal, whatever that may be these days. I don’t walk around worrying about catching whatever variant is rolling around now, but since I know a few people still getting sick, it’s on my mind a little.

The time is what is messing with me the most. In general, we all lost two years of our lives. Yes and no. Like for me, I never was truly locked in or shut down. I continued to work, the short gig at Costco and now more than two years at roofing company. But all the things that weren’t going on are what I missed, the screwed up sports seasons, lack of concerts and summer festivals. Just like that, 2 years passed by and here we are. Still having different strains or variants lurking around, but getting on with things. A lot of things changed for a lot of people. I just hope you have all adapted and are doing well.

How is your “back to normal” going? Mine is ok. I miss a lot of people, seriously. I go through the Facebook, and see what a lot of my past co-workers and guests I became friend with are up to. It makes me happy to see everyone doing their things, but I miss them. My situation changed a lot, and my hours are not super conducive to the party life I once lived. I drink a lot less than I did, I go out a lot less, and I am comfortable with it. I have become one of those people that stays home, but will go out, but wants to be back home when I am out. Conversations with some people have shown me that has been the case for a lot of people I know. As much as we hated being forced to stay at home, we sure do like being there more than we thought we would. Don’t get me wrong, Mile of Music is coming, and I will be out. That is an exception to the rule.

All the things going on this particular weekend, events and festivals and stuff, gives me some hope that we are indeed getting our lives back. The EAA starts up, that is a big international deal here, and we have Packers training camp, the Mile of Music, and State Fair, all the things that make summer so much fun around here so great. The tourism money is a welcome thing, for sure. The summers we love, are thankfully back.

I still hope everyone is being safer and cautious when it comes to their health. When I went on vacation in June, it struck me how many people still wore masks in the airports and public places. I have not been wearing them, unless a place requires them. I had a sinus infection a couple of weeks ago, and had to wear one at the clinic I went to, and it struck me as how normal it seems in some places. I know the different views of people, and those that think it is a joke. I always believed that even if it only helps a little, it is worth it for me if it means someone going home to a loved one with a weak or compromised immune system feels a little better. My short term discomfort is no big deal if someone else feels better as a result. I can’t worry about other people, only my own actions. But I can adapt my actions in situations where it is needed.

In general, life is good. I am still not a millionaire, I have not found or invented anything life changing. It’s just me and Zelda, living our days with smiles on our faces and hoping more snacks find us. So that means I am good. I have come through the pandemic, mostly, healthy and a little more compassionate than I started it. We all have our things, and I hope we are all doing our best to look out for each other after the ordeal. Be well, do well and love your life, no matter how exciting or dull it seems to those around you.

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