It’s been a hot minute since I wrote anything. I should stop letting so much time pass between posts, because my mind is just scattered when I do take a moment to sit and do this stuff. So HI!! Here I am again. Enjoy that!

It’s Wednesday, and I have the day off. Yep, in the middle of the week, just like the good old days! I am working at a home show/expo thing this weekend, so I need to take a day or two off during the week. I always liked days off during the week, it’s just a little more fun to run errands and things. Fewer people are out in the stores, and it feels like playing hooky, even as a grown-up, middle aged woman.

My big plans for the day that I am procrastinating by writing? Groceries, a Costco run, and I am going to start shopping for a new mattress. Have I mentioned how expensive days off can be? If I can stay out of the mall, and not spend too much time at Costco I may be alright. Wish me luck. Self-control and discipline are not qualities I list on my resume. It’s just not fun, so why bother?

I believe Zelda is mostly happy to have me home this morning. She let me crawl back in bed and snuggled with me when I got home from the gym. That disrupts her routine of acting betrayed when I get ready for work in the morning, so I am thankful for her flexibility in the matter. Now for fun, I am watching her bark at every little thing happening outside the house. There are some guys working in the street. She has them on notice. At the same time, some guy walked by with a dog. Can you believe the nerve of some people? Yep, she lost her shit for sure. I love her! She is just entertaining in her weird quirks and her guard dog ways. It’s good to know she has this on lockdown on days I am working.

I am going to try to purge the closet this week too, while I am home. The weather is overall improving now that we have had our Spring Equinox, but it’s kind of cloudy and rainy this morning. The clothing purge is always hard. I buy too much stuff is the issue. Then I get nostalgic about clothing I wore on a trip, or bought on vacation. I can’t get rid of this, or that. I end up folding a ton of clothes, and moving their pile into the spare room and shutting the door. The only reason I mention any of this here, is to try to convince myself that since I put it out in the universe it has to happen. It will be fun around 7:00 tonight and I didn’t do it at all. I will be mad at myself for a minute and tell myself I can do it tomorrow, as I also have off. Fun little game to play!

Our days off belong to us. They are a blessing, and so very necessary. So many people do not stop and relax like they should. That’s why I am not feeling bad about not being out there in the world tackling my to-do list yet this morning. I have the day, and I want to enjoy it. I have started working a second job on weekends, part time, at Solea. So my time off is not as plentiful as it was. I spent 2 years figuring out how to spend my weekends off. I filled it by doing what I used to do: working. But I do get time off as I want or need it, and it has been mostly fun bartending again. What I don’t like to see is the people who don’t take the down time they need. They fill every minute with something. I worry about them, the ones that can’t stop, won’t stop. Some will say that’s a trauma response, and I can see it. People don’t always want to be alone with their own thoughts. Or just be alone. I used to hate being home, especially home alone. Now it’s the goal! Well, not the goal but certainly the place I can rest, and recharge for the next thing.

Whatever it is this Wednesday brings you, I hope you are able to get some of the day for yourself. Take your lunch break, don’t run right home to overwork yourself there too. Stop for a moment, and give that moment to yourself. As for me, I have to run along or I may not get my second nap in on schedule!! From me, and Zelda, have a great day, just don’t have that great day near my yard, apparently. (She’s still barking at the entire neighborhood!)

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