It’s too noisy right now. Everyone is talking, nobody is listening. There is so much background noise. It’s an election year, so that is normal to a point, but it’s worse right now. The pandemic has added a huge amount of noise, since the majority of us have never lived through a pandemic before, I […]

Story Time

We all have a story. The stories we have accumulated as we travel our path. Happy ones, sad ones, triumph and tragedy. When you tell your story, and someone listens intently, it can be magical. It can be scary. It can be repetitive. But we all tell them, and we should because we really can […]

Long Week

Yeah, it has been a long week. I went from a happy little tribute to my Spaztastic Zelda to a week of headlines that you wouldn’t believe if it weren’t 2020. So much to say, no right way to say it. I don’t normally find myself for this big of a loss for words, but […]

Whack Job!

You may think, with a headline like that, I am going to share more revelations about the service industry. Nope, still in self-therapy mode as I adjust to life out from behind the bar. This is about a whack job I love, and what I learn from her everyday. No, not my sister either. It’s […]

A Year

Looking at the calendar and doing the math, I can see that I have been doing this bloggy thing for a year now. I have the time this weekend to go back and read all of it. I might do that, or it may be too horrifying. Also, Comedy Central runs episodes of “The Office” […]

I Am Starving!!

I joke sometimes about how attention starved I am. I suppose having a blog feeds into that. I mean, how needy am I that I had to go online to cultivate more attention? Isn’t almost 1000 Facebook buddies enough? No! Never Enough!! But, the need for attention is a real thing. Not at a celebrity […]