What Happens on Tuesdays?

I am not so old and set in my ways that I can’t adapt to change, am I? I am an agreeable and fairly easygoing person. I don’t have a heavy social agenda too often. I have for the past few years had Thursdays off. I kind of like that because it gives me a quick little rest before getting into a weekend of work. Yeah, that changed this week.

One of my co-workers, in an effort to educate and better herself (whatever!) is taking a class at the local technical college. She came to me a few weeks back and asked if I would be willing to switch my day off. I said sure, no problem, it’s for a few months for the semester. So the time of summer flies by, we all know that, and all of a sudden she starts class this week. So I have off today. It’s a beautiful day, I will find some way to fill it, with Miss Zelda or something. But I am just a little out of sorts. It won’t be enough to screw me up too badly, but what really concerns me is when I get to Thursday. That is gonna screw me up!! I bet it takes me four weeks to adapt to the change. Old lady, set in her ways, God forbid we move her day off!!

Nobody is off on Tuesdays. Nobody I know of. And I would go recreate the Boozeday Tuesdays of my late 20’s and early 30’s but I have a cardio workout this evening, and I can’t see showing up at that half jagged working too well. What happened to me? As much as I love day drinking, I may have to find a more constructive way to fill my day.

For today, I will just probably wander around mumbling to myself and Zelda. That’s just embracing my future down the road anyway. By the time I get adjusted to this Tuesday nonsense I will be able to go back to Thursdays off and really be messed up. I think this may be good for me, make me think about the days of the week a little more objectively, whatever that means. This is the curse of the service industry. We have days off that nobody else does, and it is weird. But I love it, it’s the only way I know. I had this past weekend off for several things I had going on, and I was exhausted from all of it. I don’t know how regular people do that all the time.

Enjoy your Tuesday my lovelies. I will be over here, adapting. Change is good, right?

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  1. We do get set in our ways! Really ticks you off when they rearrange the grocery store….and Shopko closed. Good grief, what next??


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