My Sports Superstitions

I love this time of year. Baseball is still rolling for a while, football is getting cranked up, high school, college and the NFL. I don’t follow basketball much, but that will be going soon as well as hockey. All that will get us through some of the winter nonsense. The teams I follow, and by follow I mean I own clothing for them, are the Packers, Brewers and the Badgers. Wisconsin all the way baby!! I don’t own any Bucks gear, but if someone gave me a shirt I would wear it.

I love to pretend I am not superstitious about my teams. I am a reasonable human being, logically I know that what I do or wear on game days does not affect the outcome of games. But you should see me on game days, particularly for the Packers. If I wear a shirt and they win, it can be in a game day rotation. If they lose, I may still wear it, but never on a game day. Two seasons ago I bought an Aaron Rodgers jersey. First time I wore it? Against the Vikings, he gets hurt. I didn’t wear it on a game day again until last season, and they lost. Thank God I lost weight now and it is too big for me, Rodgers should come through this season ok.

I know how ridiculous this is. I buy makeup specifically for Packers and Brewers. Thankfully the sparkly gold eye shadow is interchangeable for both teams. (I do not have specific Badger makeup, they are college kids, they don’t need as much help from me as the professionals do.) Believe me, it is harder to find green eye liner than you think it is. I don’t think I have a problem. Wink wink.

But really, my silliness falls pretty short of what a lot of other people do, and I know that. But as I have had a very difficult time finding a green or yellow colored bra for the season, I am worried for the Packers. Look at how they barely squeaked past the Bears on Thursday! I may have to go online.

I think I did a lot right for the Brewers this season, they play more often, so if I slip up in socks or something it doesn’t affect them as much. Summer is long, and I don’t wear socks much except for work anyway, so extra losses must fall on someone who screwed up their face paint, not me. I haven’t worn my new Brewers skirt yet, but I may pull that out if they win this series against the Cubs this weekend. You know, skirts are for fancy occasions.

I have a friend, he is a huge fan of the Pack. He sends a picture every week on game days of his Voo Doo against the Packers’ opponents. A select few of us get that picture each week, and I could try to explain it, but unless you own multiple pairs of Packers socks, you don’t really deserve to know. Just understand we are working very hard behind the scenes for Packers success.

I find all of this to be for fun, and it is important to be invested in your teams, if you want to call yourself a fan. I know there are really some pretty crazy people out there who are all in on their teams. Working with my Mexican friends I have seen how wild they are for their soccer teams, and my color coordinated underwear selections make me look like a casual observer of sports. What I guess is boils down to is having a passion. For me it is my sports teams, and for others it can be a hobby, a group they belong to, anything really. I hope you have something you feel that kind of love and devotion for in your life. Having interests outside of your work and home life make everything seem more tolerable. Something to look forward to each day, or week, or season. Enjoy your life and the things and people you love. Happy Sunday and opening NFL weekend!!

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