Self Care

The term “Self Care” gets thrown around a lot. And I believe in it, I truly do. It may mean different things to different people, like taking an unscheduled day off, pampering yourself with a massage, meeting for lunch with an old friend. All things that will take off some of the stress of your day to day life. Lots of ways to take care of you. I encourage you to do something for your own “self care.”

I am doing that today, but not in that sense. Today is an important day on the calendar. It is my Mammogram Day. I am taking care of my health. I have a family history, as Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at 67 years. So it is important to me, and for me to keep up on it. Last year my mammogram came back a little abnormal, so they sent me for further testing, a 3D mammogram. It turned out to just be extra dense breast tissue, but for the couple of days it took me to get in, I was a little stressed. I didn’t tell anyone about it, really. No sense getting anyone worked up unless it was something to worry about. But still, had I not had it scheduled as a yearly thing, it would not have been flagged as having been different from the previous year, because there would not have been anything to compare it to.

I know two women who are currently going through breast cancer treatments. Their diagnoses were different, and the paths they are on are as well. They both have some incredible support around them, which makes me happy for them, it makes it a better path if you know others are there for you, showing love and support. I know a little about their journey, but not really enough to speak knowledgeably about it, and I want to respect their individual experiences at this time. I just hope they both are getting through it and staying positive. They have a lot to live and love for. And that they are inspiring people. It is a side effect of cancer, you become someone people look up to, and it helps them think of their own health, or self care, if you will. Inspiration can come to you in many ways.

My healthcare awareness has evolved a lot more in the past year or two. I started taking it more seriously, and for my own reasons. I think my brother-in-law going through cancer was an impetus for it, certainly. Seeing how it affected him, my sister and our family as a whole makes you stop and think about your own mortality, and certainly how you would handle it if it was your diagnosis. Cancer does really reach everyone, one way or another. He got great care, and he is doing well now. Cancer Survivor. Pretty magical words, and words I hope more and more people get to have as more people take more self care by getting screened for different things.

I used the word “More” quite a bit there. It’s something we all want, more time, more love, more donuts, etc. It is kind of the thing of “Self Care.” If we do take care of our bodies, our minds and our souls, we can have More. I want that for you as much as I want it for myself. Especially the donuts.

If you haven’t scheduled your mammogram, PAP test, prostrate exam, colonoscopy, or whatever test you have been putting off, please get it on your calendar sooner than later. It is the ultimate form of “Self Care” to take care of yourself and your health. There are people that will support you no matter the result of that test. They will breathe a sigh of relief when it comes back clean, and they will certainly rally around you if you get a less than desirable result. You are your own #1 asset, treat yourself as much.

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