Harvest Moon

I have to admit to being a little superstitious. Not too bad, but you never can be too sure when it comes to the dealings of the universe. I would say a little healthy respect for things you can’t explain is where I am at. I am not usually too wound up over Friday the 13th. It is fun to make like it is a thing, but people don’t get too nutty in my experience, so it isn’t so bad.

Enter the Full Moon. I absolutely believe that full moons affect people. Years of bartending and serving tell me so. Ask anyone in healthcare. They know. So do police, EMTs, teachers, anyone that has to deal with people out in public. We know. We see, and we respectfully fear each full moon cycle. I have people that laugh it off, and say that can’t really be a thing. I like to tell people this: If the moon can affect the tides of the ocean, what makes you think it isn’t pulling extra hard on certain people? The word “lunatic” came from somewhere!!!

We get a double dose then this month, with the full moon on a Friday the 13th. I thankfully work a day shift today, so it shouldn’t be so bad for me. I have many friends who need to be concerned when that moon starts to rise. Now hopefully, with this being the Harvest Moon, it will not be so bad, because harvest means food. Even whack jobs love food. So maybe they will be out looking for some corn or a nice squash or something. We can only hope.

I love the celestial stuff. I like looking at the stars, and the moon. The universe gives us a lunar eclipse, I will make sure I catch it if I am able. There is something fantastic about getting out of town a little away from city lights and seeing how many more stars and planets you can see. It makes me feel a part of something so much bigger, it is calming for me. But I am not messing with a Full Moon. I know better.

Whatever you feel or believe, I hope you get a good view of the Full Moon tonight. And if you feel it’s draw, if it makes you feel a pull towards something, stay home. Hahaha, just kidding. Enjoy this world, and our universe. You are a part of it, and it is part of you. Make a wish on a star, or a satellite if your chosen star is moving. We look up so we can appreciate what we have here. Happy Friday the 13th too, it can be a fun day to mess with people.

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