Hey, have I mentioned how much I love my gym? Because they gave me another reason this morning, an unexpected honor came my way!

We work pretty hard every day at FIRE, if you want results you have to. And we get little rewards as well as all of the support and high fives. When you hit certain milestones you get a band to commemorate it! 25, 50, 75, 100, you get the idea. I have all of my bands, and the 300 t-shirt and 365 mug. I earned all of them, and I am on my way too the 500 trophy, coming soon I hope!! It’s a way to keep us engaged, showing up and working hard. Recognition, everyone likes to be recognized and appreciated.

Today I got a special award: Rockstar of the Month!! What is that? It is ultimate recognition of hard work, and being a supportive person to all of my FIRE Family!! It says I show up, and get it done!! I have been there for almost 20 months, hard to believe it has gone by so fast!! And now I am a ROCKSTAR!!!

I don’t know what kind of fortune or fame this will bring. They will post it on Facebook, so I assume the offers will come rolling in after that. I may have to schedule special appearances and sign autographs. I may need an agent. But I will never forget everyone who helped me get here, to this lofty perch where I stand, sweaty, smelly and gross, hoisting my Rockstar Energy Drink for all to see!!!

But what it means to me, really? That I have come a long, long way from that girl who walked in 20 months ago. I havelost many pounds, gained muscle and confidence. And a group of people who lift me up every single day. People who I want to see succeed almost more than I want to succeed. I found a family there, and they are every bit a group of Rockstars with me.

So I am thankful, to the team at FIRE for seeing me, leading me, helping me and most of all believing in me. Anyone can change their life, but to do it successfully I believe having people to cheer you on will expedite the process. It’s how it has worked for me, and I can not express how grateful I truly am.

From one Rockstar to all of you Rockstars, believe in yourself and lift up those around you. You too can be signing autographs with me after camp!! Bring your own pen.

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