The Darndest Thing

It has come to my attention that I may not know myself as well as I think I do. It really is a shock to me. Not exactly earth shattering, but a foundation shaker, to be honest.

I was having a conversation on Monday night at work with some of my regulars. We were talking about the Brewers’ Wild Card game coming up Tuesday night. We talked about what a fantastic September they had played, and injuries and their chances. And the lady says to me “Wow, baseball really must be your favorite sport.” I said, I really love football, but yeah, I like baseball. You know, me and my Packers!!

The Brewers go on to play, and lose, their Wild Card game on Tuesday night. I was upset, kind of devastated for a little bit. But I quickly reconciled myself to it, they had so many injuries, it had been a hell of a push at the end of the season, but maybe it was for the best. A series against LA would have been tough, and I just told myself it was ok.

Wednesday afternoon I am at work, talking to another couple about the Brewers and the season. How I came to terms with the season being over, but yeah, I was bummed. And the woman says to me “Wow, you really know a lot about the Brewers. Baseball must be your favorite sport!” What? But, but my Packers. Football. I um, uh… Huh.

When I was a kid I like sitting and watching football with my dad. Lots of cussing and being upset, mostly him, not me. I didn’t really know what was going on, and he didn’t explain it much. I just liked the time with Ed. But as a kid, I did play T-ball. I was on a team for 3 years. We were pretty good, we won the city championship all 3 years I played. So I did know baseball a little better. Not much though, when we were at one of our celebration parties, my coach came up to me and told me I had led the team in RBIs that season. I had to ask my brothers what that meant. I mean, I got that it was a good thing because Coach was excited to tell me, but I was all hopped up on a sugar buzz, we were eating ice cream like someone was going to take it away from us.

In the early 80s the Brewers were playing really well. They made the World Series, and lost to the Evil Cardinals. I remember being so upset, with my brothers. At that time, the Packers were awful. So bad. I wasn’t really into them much back then. In high school, I paid attention to the Crew, but started liking football a little more. But face it, teenage girls have much more to worry about than sports. Boys, clothes and makeup were a priority.

In the early 90s, the Packers started to improve, and they got my attention and held it. Like I became a nut job for football and really focused on learning the game. I found a way to games through the seasons as it all came together for them. When they went to the Super Bowl in the ’96 season, I had to be in New Orleans. I couldn’t afford to go to the game, but I was jagged on Bourbon Street like the ultimate fan I was!!! FOOTBALL!! My favorite sport ever!!!

I do love football. I own Packers’ stock, I call Lambeau Field my own Disneyworld. I have owned yellow pants, green and gold eyeshadow, and so many shirts.

It was a shock to me to learn that I might just love baseball more. And when I thought about it, these casual observers of my sports addictions might just be correct. Breaking it down to the game, not the teams, but the game itself. Baseball is methodical, it follows a certain rhythm, and it takes patience to watch and to play. Football is more chaotic, it is faster and it takes patience to watch as well. I don’t really like comparing them, because they both draw me in each year. But at the end of the day, I do think I might just prefer baseball. It hurts to admit it.

My whole belief system has been rocked. I thought I was a football guru. But as nobody knows what Pass Interference is anymore, I no longer know myself. I can’t explain it or the Infield Fly Rule, but maybe, just maybe I do have a baseball shaped heart. Maybe football season is just a way to get me back to baseball season. Sigh. I thought I had it all figured out.

Either way, my Packers and my Brewers have my heart. I will always love and support them. Even as they break my heart, or make it soar, depending on the season. I will sum it up this way: GO SPORTS!!!

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