April’s Fool

I always say, there’s no fool like an April Fool. Well, we are all getting set up this year, and it really takes a lot of fun out of what is usually a fun day. I am feeling bad for my friends that take full advantage of April Fool’s Day. Hunkered down at home, if they have kids, the kiddos are probably April Fooling them to the point where looking up adoption agencies or buyers looking for kids on the internet isn’t that big of a joke.

What are you doing to get through? I am thinking about burning the March page of the calendar, but then I would lose the cool April picture. I have a calendar this year that has all of the moon phases on it, with a cool moon picture for each month. That joke’s on me too, without the restaurant job, I don’t need to be as aware of the full moon’s monthly arrival. It’s the 7th this month, by the way. Today is the first quarter. Besides, I could always tell anyway, people give plenty of signals.

April is usually a month of hope, and the weather improving. I think with the Covid-19 regulations and the target date getting moved to April 30th, a lot of us kind of are giving up hope on this month too. Sure, ruin March. Other than basketball tournaments, baseball, St. Patrick’s Day, the First Day of Spring, and my nephew Will’s birthday, what is there in March? But April? That’s off the table too? Easter is kind of wrecked, still no baseball, and spring breaks aren’t going to happen. But it won’t be a total bust if you don’t let it.

The weather will get better, gradually as we move along. You can enjoy time outside, just be aware and distant from other people. Easter will still come. Plan something within your circle, eat some more food. What’s one more ridiculous meal with candy at this point? Making the best out of this situation will get you through it. April is a 30 day month. Shorter than March, right? It’s a day, but that little distinction can be a bright side, if you choose to look at it that way.

The things you are doing, and the way you do them, will get you through this. Be aware of the news, but please don’t obsess about it. Wash your hands, keep your six feet zone about you if you have to go out. And be kind. After about 2 weeks working at the new job, I can tell you the majority of the people I come across are awesome. There are a couple of Grouchy Gus and Crabby Karens out there, but most people are aware of what this whole situation is doing to people. Patience and kindness will serve you well, just like it always should.

One more thing, if you are doing carryout, curbside, delivery or anything to support the local restaurants, please consider the workers. A lot are working limited hours, if their bosses are able to keep them working. Please consider a little extra gratuity. Particularly if they are coming to your home. Even with all of the “touchless” options they are coming up with, they are still serving YOU. They left their safe at home place, their families or loved ones, to take care of you. A couple of extra dollars will mean the world to them, believe me. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money, just a little something, please. I am not working a restaurant job at the moment, but that is my heart and soul, and they are my brothers and sisters in the industry, I have to look out for them and boost them up in any way I can. Thank you.

I wish you all a good April ahead. No Fooling. I want it to get better for all of us. We get through it together, there is no better way through. It will mean more on the other side if we can say we held it together. Take care of yourself, and wash those hands!!

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