Full Moon Fever, or Just Another Day With The ‘Rona

My moon phase calendar tells me with plenty of forewarning of the Full Moons each month, but I always know. I was driving home last night from work, and the moon was shining brightly, just about full, but that is today it is actually full. And I knock Full Moons a lot, but on a clear night, it really is a beautiful sight to behold. In fact, it may be one of the only normal things going on right now.

People are nuts. I mean it is worse than normal and even the moon isn’t able to adjust properly. Now don’t get me wrong, I am still spending my time trying to look for the goods and positives during this Covid-19 thing, and I am finding them. But scrolling on Facebook is just a run through the Mental Ward these days. It’s a lovely morning, shut that app and go outside and take a few minutes to breathe, with or without your face mask. We can argue later about whether that mask is working or not. Dr. Fauci is not outside in your yard eyeballing you, and Bill Gates is busy working on the microchip. Enjoy yourself for a few minutes. Hell, crack a beer open or something. One Flew Over The Covid’s Nest.

Now for the Goods. A big part of what I have been doing while working the Costco, other than seeing my cousin Ted regularly, is sanitizing stuff. Shopping carts, gas pumps, and the handles on just about everything. Some days it is mind numbing, but people seem to appreciate it. The occasional person, usually old guys, will tell me they don’t care if their carts is sanitized and wiped. Gotcha, here you go!! But yesterday, I was in the freezer and cooler area spraying and wiping the doors and handles. A woman came up to me, and thanked me for cleaning. Not just a passing “Hey thanks for working!” But a very sincere and heartfelt moment of thanks. She said she has been in nearly every grocery store in town, and nobody is taking the care that we are for the people shopping. She told me I was helping her feel safer, and that she sure hoped I knew that people notice this stuff. She was so sweet, she is probably someone’s grandma, based on the awesome snacks and stuff in her cart, and I just enjoyed that moment of appreciation. It truly brought tears to my eyes, because people might say “Thanks” but it isn’t often they stop and really connect with you.

After days of people arguing about conspiracies, masks being effective or ineffective, of why are we safe at this store but not that one, and all of the stuff we are all seeing every day, I had a moment of Zen. With a lady I don’t know, in the middle of the frozen foods. It was damn near a Dan Fogelberg song, except she and I did not share a 6 pack of beer in her car. I was an Estrogen Filled Waterbag right there by the potato skins and corn dogs. I will tell you, it felt great. I thanked her for being so kind, and she went on her way. People like her should be mass produced. I am sure her family and people in her life are flying high on the wonderful things she does and says. At least that is what I will believe, because I have to. I have to have that woman be my rainbow right now. We all do.

How are you doing? Are you getting through this in a way that will make you appreciate people? Are you giving in to the conspiracies, the numbers, the funk that is getting to a lot of people? I know we need this to end. I wish a virus could be reasoned with, because I would have my Frozen Foods lady talk to it. It would feel better, and go on its way. I know people that need to get back to their businesses, start making their way again. Open the economy, I sure hope so soon. But while this continues, you can scowl and make the worst of it, or you can be that nice lady that thanked a complete stranger for just being there. Surfing the web looking for the plot that best fits your agenda isn’t healthy. You are doing some hard damage to your mental well being. I know it isn’t sunshine and daisies for most of us right now. But isn’t the burden of the paranoia bringing you down? Isn’t the weight of conspiracy ruining your sleep?

Take a minute, for you, and only you, and breathe. Take those deep breaths, in and out, and let go for the moment. Stretch a little, reach up towards that full moon today. You have gotten this far, hopefully healthy, and you can come the rest of the way. It isn’t being naïve, it isn’t hiding from your worries. It is an effort to manage what is happening around you. Because it will happen anyway. Letting the internet, the government, Bill Gates, and anyone else that you cannot control rule your days will leave you with nothing but pain if you don’t take a little time to reach back and pull yourself out of that mire. In spite of what you read elsewhere, we are a caring and nurturing bunch of Full Moon Lunatics. I have said it before, we get through this together, or we don’t get through at all. Reach out for that hand, and let me or whomever you need, pull you up. Namaste.

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