This is Not Your Mother’s Mother’s Day

It is Mother’s Day, and it is a different one. This is the first one I haven’t been working in a restaurant or bar for probably more than 30 years. Big day in the restaurant industry, because who would make Mom cook on this day, and a lot of moms don’t want what a homemade kid’s meal would entail. Get out of her kitchen! So this is strange. I feel a little lost, but that isn’t exactly an unfamiliar feeling, just a new twist on it.

Mary Jane and Darlene have been gone so many years now, and I miss them so much, but because of that time gone by, it doesn’t hurt like it used to, that’s strange too. That little catch you get in your heart still happens, but it doesn’t outright ache all the time. And I can think back and laugh, a lot sometimes, at the little things. That is what life is, a string of little things that make up the one big thing: Your Life. And having them as Moms was way better than not having them. So I get a little melancholy like Ed would, but I get through it. I can’t speak for my siblings, but I know they miss those old girls too, they just handle it in their way, which is good. No matter how you get through, just get there.

I am sure there are a lot of people who can’t be with their mom today, but because of Social Distancing, not Heavenly Distancing. And maybe some of you will see her today, but it will be different. But as a resourceful bunch of people, I am sure you are celebrating it all in some way. Mom deserves that, right? I made my annual plea on Facebook this morning about getting the pictures taken with mom, now, before you can’t anymore. And I will include that here, but if you can’t physically be there today, send her a selfie, and if she has the technology available, have her do the same. It doesn’t have to be pretty, nobody will care how your hair looks, or what you’re wearing. But try to get one. If there is one thing I wish more and more as years pass by, it is that I had more pictures of and with my mom, dad and stepmom. Those opportunities are gone. They are not coming back. Take advantage of their presence now, because I hate the thought of you not having those pictures to look at down the line when it isn’t an option anymore.

I have badgered you enough now, I do not want to take time away from any mom, grandma, dog mom, or any dad even that does double duty being a mom and dad, because you guys need a little love too. (I will include single moms who do Dad Duty on Father’s Day too!) If you are able to spend that time together today with your madre, enjoy it and cherish it. If the ‘Rona is keeping you apart, I just know you will find away to convey that love as technology has our back on distance these days. If this is your first Mother’s Day missing your mom because she is no longer here, I know how it is, and it is awful, but I know you can honor someone you miss, as I always find a way. Enjoy a treat they liked, a meal, a drink, look up to the sky and say “Cheers Mom, this one is for you!” She misses you too. She is watching over you, like she always has.

Wash your hands, finish your vegetables, and don’t sass back. It is Mother’s Day after all, I figure those are things she would say to you.

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