This is the weekend. This is the one where the shut downs, the cancellations, the safety precautions, all of it came crashing down on my life. It was supposed to be the Mile of Music weekend. I would be two days in towards some questionable liver damage and at least 5 pictures with Todd, or at least Fake Todds and a Giant Todd Head. This is the weekend on the calendar that hits me the hardest. But you know what? I am ok.

We have all lost out on a lot of fun, and businesses and vendors have lost a lot of income. We can sit around and complain, which happens, or we can make lemonade out of the lemons. We won’t know for a while if all of this was a good decision or if it was being overly cautious. I know people who missed big trips and vacations, cancelled or postponed weddings, and missed events that mean a lot to them each year. Like all of you, I do hope it isn’t all for nothing. But to the people who get sick, or lost a loved one, our little concerts and birthday parties are small potatoes.

I have written before about the disruption to my life, job changes, etc. I am doing ok, and it’s an adjustment, but at least I am healthy. I am here to talk about it. People try to diminish the numbers of positive tests, and deaths and that it’s all a conspiracy or liberal hoax, which is my favorite. But this is going on, and we all are affected in one way or another. We just started a 60 day mask mandate in Wisconsin. I had to work out at the gym wearing a mask, which was hard. But at least I am able to go to my gym, and I am healthy enough to work out. Things could be worse.

I try so hard to be a glass half full person, and some days that is super hard, especially right now. But as least I have a glass to fill. When I think of this mask stuff, and how some people are making it out to be the end of all of our freedoms, I just get angry. I think about how a couple of years ago when my brother-in-law had colon cancer, and went through chemo. He did great, but there were times when his immune system was so beaten down that he and Marge couldn’t come to holidays, or events with a lot of people. It could have killed him if he got sick. It’s not being overly dramatic, it could have killed him. If my sister went somewhere with people, and picked up a cold or flu bug, brought it home, it would have taken a huge toll on Butcher’s health and recovery. I wear a mask for people like him, who can’t afford the risk.

I have a friend with a son that has been through so much in his short life, liver issues and surgeries and so many hospitalizations that I can’t even guess how many times he has been to Children’s Hospital. He had a liver transplant a few years ago, and he is doing pretty good by all accounts. But he will forever have to be careful and when a bug goes around at school, he has to stay home. When he gets a cold, it is never just the cold, but what it can do to his whole immune system. He has also had to do treatments for cancer, from a skin issue. I don’t really like using this kid or his mom for an example, it kind of isn’t fair, but there are people, real people, that just need us to wear these masks right now.

I am missing my Mile of Music, hard. I haven’t enjoyed this summer as much as I would like because so much isn’t going on. But I am here. My sports teams are trying to get there, but I just saw the Brewers had to cancel another game because players from the Evil and Useless Cardinals have tested positive. The Pack is supposed to open training camp, but there are no pre-season games and I will believe the season will happen once it starts and is happening. We are all having to sacrifice things we love and we are missing out on a lot. But it’s not the end of the world, even if we are bored to tears. The wearing of a mask, or the limited hours of stores and restaurants, the cancelled events, those are all just things. Things that can get rescheduled, things that can get replaced by other things. Focus on staying healthier, and keeping others safe. Give a little now, and you will get so much later.

If you can find it in your heart to just complain a little less, and give a little more to the efforts of staying healthy, keeping others healthy, this will all end soon. Put the conspiracies aside, and ask your neighbor if they need anything from the store. Call your family that hasn’t been able to see you, check on your friends. Focus on the good things and be a decent person. None of that is much to ask, and it may just improve your whole outlook.

And one last thing about The Mile of Music. I may be very devastated to be missing it, but at least I haven’t had to see any Fake Martys wandering around downtown.

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