A Year

Looking at the calendar and doing the math, I can see that I have been doing this bloggy thing for a year now. I have the time this weekend to go back and read all of it. I might do that, or it may be too horrifying. Also, Comedy Central runs episodes of “The Office” all day and I wouldn’t want to mess that opportunity up by a good round of narcissistic self indulgence of how I may actually have the best words, not the clown in the White House.

What has a year of rambling online taught me? That’s a good question. I learned that people are paying attention. It helped that for almost 6 months none of you had anything better to do since the ‘Rona had you on a metaphorical ankle bracelet chaining you to the house. By the way, I hear it may have just been shortened to the ‘Ro. I am a middle aged woman, I will probably stick with ‘Rona, because you need to get off my lawn!! But I have truly appreciated every one of you who stops what you are doing to read my little wordfest when I get the urge to pontificate online. Thank you. Truly.

I have learned that I can sure crab about stuff. Maybe I try to clean it up a little here and there, but boy people sure do tick you off if you let them. Since I have been out of the restaurant it has slowed down a lot. Limited access to douchebags helped a lot! Even at Costco, most people were pretty awesome, even if we were out of TP. Now I am dealing with people via phone calls. That can go either way, but most people are nice. They call me, so if things go south, they kind of asked for it. It’s fun to try to imagine what they may look like, based on our limited conversation. It keeps me entertained, and if they really make me upset, well, I have their address now. Hahaha!! (Just kidding, I don’t have the energy to stalk on that big of a scale.) I probably could still find plenty to complain about, but I am just so grateful to have a place to work that I don’t feel the need so much anymore.

A year of writing my thoughts has taught me I had more thoughts than I realized. I can think some pretty deep or random things, but I don’t always verbalize them, not everyone is ready for the inner Coco. But I do listen, and I do pay attention. If something really gets my brain rolling, you will likely get treated to it here. I keep it pretty close when it comes to politics, I don’t feel the need to beat people with that. Most of them are useless scum anyway, and not worth the effort of hitting the keyboard over it. I don’t want to entertain the ‘Rona conspiracy theories, the mask debates, the upcoming election, or how they will do the Bachelorette this year. It doesn’t interest me enough to roll with it. I worry about the kids going/not going to school, but without kids of my own I don’t have a horse in that race. I think about God and religion, but not to the extent that I want to stir that pot. Some of the best things I have written came out without much thought other than it popped into my cranium when I felt like writing.

If there is one thing I can take away from this past year of blogs is that I am happy I gave it a try. It feels like those of you reading it are happy I did too. People told me for years that I should do it, or write something for some form of reading. I appreciate that push, it got me here, and that brings us together at least a little bit. I do love the time I sit in front of the laptop doing this, it is interesting which way the squirrel runs in my mind to the keyboard. I like that if something I wrote hits someone the right way that they share it with others. That is the whole point of sharing, to make others want to share too. Learning a little about myself makes me learn a little more about others, and I feel that is a gift too. The feedback I get really boosts my inner good, and that feels amazing, like real love, you know? I appreciate you, all of you that take a minute to spend with my Coco’s Words.

Stay safe, sane and be kind to each other. Give a little more, complain a little less. We can spend another year together with my random thoughts, if you are willing to play along. I thank you, so much, for entertaining my words.

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  1. I want to thank you for this blog and for always being my friend! When I get back to Appleton I hope we can get together in my backyard and tip a few drinks and words! Miss you and thanks!


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