Scattered Thoughts

There is a lot to talk about. Too much really. But since leaving you all unsupervised for an extended period is a bad idea, I am going to take a crack at it, even though Zelda has zero tolerance for me ignoring her like this. She’s being a whiner, but to be fair, I did pet another dog this morning, briefly, but I was thinking about her the whole time.

So, Donny got the ‘Rona. Since this is my blog, I can say what I want. So here it is: Dude, I am not surprised, just that it took this long. I am waiting to see how this plays out. Will he change his tune at all about it? Now, I don’t think this is a laughing matter, but a little laughter would do us all some good. So the memes have been entertaining. My favorite? Dr. Fauci just chuckling to himself. No words, just him. I have never, ever liked Trump. I think he is an ass, to use a phrase my mom once uttered about George Costanza. But I don’t want him to die from this, just get sick enough that he sees what it can be, and has been for a lot of people. Not everyone dies from it, we know. The mortality rate isn’t catastrophic. Let’s face it, he hits a lot of the markers for being high risk, older, obese and a male. It’s been hard on that particular demographic. So I am just on standby here, seeing what’s what. No more, no less.

I am tired. Tired of the “I can’t wear a mask” people. Hear this now: NOBODY LIKES WEARING THE MASKS. Nobody. It sucks. I have to wear them at work, when in common areas. We have had positive people. I wear it at the gym. We have had positive people there too. I wear them at the store. I don’t know who is positive there, including if I am asymptomatic or not. So it’s a courtesy. I do not know if the woman in the checkout ahead of me, or the guy behind me, is headed home to a person who is high risk. I just want to be a good person, so I wear the dumb mask. I am not going to argue with people about the merits or drawbacks. It is me, doing what I feel is best for me and the people I am around. You can’t wear a mask, for a medical concern or an anxiety thing? OK, I will stay clear of you in public. I don’t want to unknowingly pass anything to you and your at risk situation, whatever it may be. But know this, I am not a sheep. I am not hiding at home. I have been out every day of this thing, working. Because I have to or I won’t make it. I have no safety net. I support myself. So wearing a mask is a measure I am willing to take to be safer, maybe not completely safe, but safer.

Now, off the ‘Rona, sort of. People are having a tough time. In lots of ways. People with kids not in school, or in and out of school. People juggling multiple jobs. People that gained weight during this and are having a tough time with that. People who keep their nose in their computer and never see the light of day because they are working and parenting and teaching. People are having a tough damn time. Here it is: BE NICER. Everyone. Just quit the negative output, please. Everyone will have a moment here and there, I get it. I think your energy, whatever you have left in the tank, should be used for something a little better than fighting on Facebook or Tik Tok or whatever your jam is. Knock it off. You all are fighting. Every little thing triggers someone. It’s why I am going to keep sharing the shit out of that video of the guys dancing to different songs each day. We all need some silliness. Every last one of us. We all have enough stress and drama, but some of y’all are inviting more in. What is wrong with you?

I am going to wander off now, Zelda has been more than patient here. She needs a walk, and so do I, to clear the head, and pick up some poop. I hope you are all healthy, I hope you are feeling that you can keep moving towards something positive when so much seems so negative. Rise up above that negativity, and look for the good. It is there, I promise. Someone you know and love needs to be lifted up, and you are strong enough to do it.

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