October Things

When the weather cooperates, there is no prettier month than October, in my opinion. Mother Nature is showing off her prettiest hues and really giving us all she’s got this time of year. Spring and summer are great, but it’s the staging area for all of what this month can show us.

I think last year we kind of got hosed out of a nice October, the weather got cold, and stayed cold, so a lot of the colors didn’t pop, and then that gross rain you get this time of year just made the leaves big piles of gross mush. So far, 10 days into the month, it’s been mostly pretty great here in the upper Midwest. I like it. A lot.

Now of course, the ‘Rona is making things less cool, but the view is still great. This morning it is sunny and bright, and I don’t look to sit here too long typing away before I go out and get a look at the show. I want to go find some apple cider today, some apples and maybe even buy a pumpkin to have rot on my front stoop for the next couple of weeks. It’s the perfect day for all of it. Then Zelda and I will go for a couple of walks and she can eat grass and leaves like the weirdo she is and we will enjoy the great day we have been given.

I feel like we really have to take advantage of it this year. Because of how it’s all gone. We missed a lot this year, and I just want everyone to slow down for a minute and really take it all in, before it gets cold, snowy and the winter depression that would hit anyway gets amplified by this restricted way we have been existing since March. Appreciate the glorious colors and smells that is Autumn. It seems a little more special this year, and we really should appreciate it.

I am in a special situation for me this year, because I have the time on the weekends now to participate in the fall activities, except there kind of are none. But it is still time that I would have spent working at the restaurant if that hadn’t gone the way it did, and I would have been too tired after the shifts to do much, and it’s dark early, so I missed a lot over the years. This year I promised myself I would really focus on the beauty of it, and I have been, I promise. I hope all of you are able to as well. Like I said above, it really is quite a show Ma Nature gives us.

I know that a lot of struggling is happening, keeping it all together is hard right now. The ‘Rona, the election, all of the things that have come with that, stress, illness, and quite a bit of despair. I wish for everyone right now, this weekend, to set it aside if you can, even just for a few minutes, and step outside and take a deep breath. Close your eyes for a moment, breathe and really appreciate what you see when you open your eyes again. Your yardwork can wait, more leaves are going to fall anyway. If you can, take a little time to take a drive and enjoy the colors, the rolling views and vistas. It will all be done in a couple of weeks, and we will have to hunker down for the winter. And while there can be beautiful things that time of year as well, this is the time we are in now. Live that life, love that life.

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