Don’t get too excited. We aren’t talking about poop here. Yet. My thoughts have derailed before, they may again. No, I am talking about being exhausted. I think lots and lots of us are. But not just being physically exhausted, but mentally. I see it all over the Facebook. People are just over it. All of it. But we have to keep going, because the idea of stopping is just exhausting too. So nobody can win, it seems.

I can say first on my list is the election. I am so ready for it to be over. This election cycle is just wearing my butt out. The constant assault of the ads would be one thing, but it is all so many people are talking about, there is just no break from it. A pesky little pandemic makes it worse, for sure. Because that is the only other topic of conversation. And who you talk to makes the conversation swing this way or that way. No wonder we are all so tired. The this thing about it, that thing about it and who is ultimately to blame. I am getting to the point where I will take the blame if it gets one person to shut their cake hole. This election is busting people up in a way I have never seen in my 50 years. A conversation I had earlier today with an old friend really made me sad about it. Issues with a sibling, both on either end, pulling, and the line seems to have snapped. Now he is left with his end of the string, trying to figure if it is worth walking to the middle to see if they can find that middle ground to maintain a relationship. So yeah, let’s get this election over with. At the end of the day, it isn’t worth it, all the fighting.

Speaking of the ‘Rona… Things pretty much suck here in Wisconsin. We are The Hot Spot of the nation right now. Everyone is getting the ‘Rona. Yes, most are recovering. Thank God. My friend lost her aunt to it almost 2 weeks ago. She was an otherwise healthy woman, mid 60s. She got sick, and didn’t make it out of the hospital. A lot of people I know have gotten it now, and stayed relatively healthy if they showed symptoms at all. But I have heard a few stories of the extended hospital stays, the intubations, and how sick they got, which was really sick. Things aren’t likely to improve because our state government is in a giant pissing match, so while they throw their weight around actual real people are infecting other real people, and our hospitals are filling up and nobody stops going out to the bars. Exhausting. Not being able to return to some normalcy has been exhausting. I went to pick up some fish fry last night, at 8:30 on a Friday night so many stores and places were locked up tight for the night. They can’t afford to keep their regular hours, pay employees and run their businesses in a normal fashion. It was sad to see these places closed. It’s going to be a long time before anything feels normal. Keep it up Wisconsin, we’re #1. (Sad face.)

We wait all our young lives to get to be grown-ups, and feel like we are in charge of our own stuff. Only to get there and find that being an adult is the most overrated place to be so much of the time. There are obligations, bills to pay, really expensive purchases to make and pay for until it’s time for the long dirt nap. And you get to be tired for all of it. Nobody sees the warning signs until your are in the ditch and no tow truck will come get you out. I try to make the best out of stuff, find some peaceful place to rest it for a while. But that’s tough. So much other stuff gets you pulled out of the place where your Zen can adjust the sails.

How are you coping with the “tired?” I hope you have something to hold onto right now. My gym is able to stay open right now, with some restrictions, and that is what is keeping me going right now. It’s kind of the only place I have right now with a truly positive vibe going on. Work is OK, we are holding each other up as well as we can, while we have people getting sick, getting better, and it’s been a cycle. Our little corner of the place has kept it together, I am assuming our cookie and cupcake intake is what is keeping us healthy. But I see the wear and tear, the tread marks on our back. We are all tired of worrying about it. And it’s just affected everything, all the way across the board. I just hope all of you are keeping it together, and finding some positive things and seeking the light, not withdrawing to the dark. It’s tough, all of it is. I don’t think November 4th will bring as much to us as we all hope it will. The ‘Rona ain’t gonna let go that easily, and no matter who wins, we likely are going to lose something, no matter who you hoped for. So be kind, look for a place of peace, and if you need some light, ask for it. We all have a responsibility to light each other’s path, should a dark shadow cast itself on your area. I will keep trying to lift you up, because Lord knows so many of you have for me at different times.

There, I managed to keep it poop free, mostly. I have lots of poop bags available with Zelda around, so it all ends up where it belongs. Stay healthy, and get some rest, pick up that poop and keep it classy.

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