More Than Words

It comes around every year, the Thanksgiving, and we all rattle off the same things we are appreciative for each year. Family, friends, good health, etc. And we are grateful, because without these things, life sucks. Watching the news at night can make you feel real good about your situation most any day, but especially in these days, it’s tough to watch the struggles, to see what is really going on right in our cities and towns. I don’t know how much people consider that stuff any other time of year, but this year hasn’t been like many of the other years.

Yes, there are people that do believe this is all being overblown. Of course the media wants to portray things a certain way. So watch with some skepticism, but please don’t dismiss what is happening to your neighbors and family. Who do you know who has has the ‘Rona? I all of a sudden seem to know a whole bunch. That’s because it’s real. There are things that linger, the girls at the gym this morning said they still can’t taste or smell, and it’s been several weeks since they had it. A friend lost his mom, another lost her mom. I heard another story of a man that went to his cabin to quarantine from his family, they found him there dead less than 10 days after he tested positive. It’s real. If you had it and recovered, be thankful. Things do turn out for most, but there are some it doesn’t. Count your blessings, not just today.

How has your job been affected? Almost everyone I know has had some kind of adjustment to how they handle their business, jobs and how and where they are working. So many people are working from home. Not everyone gets to, my job doesn’t really have that option, but some I work with can. I am just happy I am working, I don’t care where it has to get done. But if you have a job that has been changed, affected or even lost due to all of this, and you are still here, I am proud of the resilience you have, because changing things up isn’t easy. I hope you find a way to be appreciative of your situation.

What really breaks my heart is the people that can’t make the ends meet right now. The prices of groceries have really gone up, and somethings are just ridiculous. I saw a package of paper towels, 2 rolls, for nearly $7.00. WHAT!!!! Food has gone up, and it won’t likely come down in price. I know there are many contributing factors to that, the supply chain, production, and more all affect price. But that doesn’t help the person who budgets $100 for their weekly groceries when it all of a sudden costs $125. Twenty five dollars won’t break a lot of people, but extend that out over a month, and throw in the other things that affect the budget, utilities, car payments, insurance and more. That stretched budget may just snap. If you are able to keep your situation fluid, you have a lot to be thankful for. It’s not that easy.

So much seems kind of hopeless coming into winter. I think we aren’t going to see the light at the end of the tunnel turn on just yet. If you have managed to stay employed, keep yourself and family healthy, and are able to pay the bills and eat, you are doing ok. Better than some. If you find yourself in a position to help out, anyone, I hope you would consider it. It wouldn’t even have to be a grand gesture, grab a couple of extra cans of soup at the store and tuck them into that Little Free Pantry you drive by each day. Help someone carry their groceries to their car. Donate a bag of kibble to an animal shelter. More than saying how thankful you are, show the universe how thankful you are by reaching your hand out to a neighbor, a stranger or a friend. When you have gratitude, and really feel it, you want to give that feeling to others. It is a tangible thing.

On this day please know how much I appreciate you if you read these words today. I realize very much this year how fortunate I am to have a circle that opened up and let me inside a little further to keep me going. I had some changes, but some quick to act friends offered me opportunities, and helped keep my outlook positive. I can’t even take the time to think about what may have happened if I didn’t have these guardian angels watching out for me, they kept my vision looking forward. I can’t look back, because I am not going in that direction. If I can give you anything today, I give you a hope for continued health, I hope you can smile and enjoy people you love today. But if you can’t, please know I give you love, and wish for you an inner peace. We travel these roads together, and you are all the best traveling companions I could ever hope for. Happy Thanksgiving.

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