Who doesn’t love to be a little relaxed and comfortable? I think there are people who aren’t used to it, but it is kind of a goal in life. We want comfortable shoes, we want the chairs and couches to be comfortable. Driving for hours makes you long for a comfortable seat in your ride. So it’s a thing, and it should be that way for your mind and soul too. Get them to a spot where you are comfortable in life. There is a thought process that encourages you to not get too comfortable with your life, that you should always be striving for more. We’ll see about that.

I have had my comfort levels stretched out a bit this past year. I was very settled in my old routine and job, I had been there 10 years, that is gonna happen. I had joined a gym that inspires some changes, but even there I have a level of comfort that exists among all the challenges. I have come to realize in the past couple of weeks I have reached a level of comfort at the new gig, about 8 months into it. That brought me some real calm, and at a time where calm isn’t an easy thing to come by, it gives me comfort. How wonderful!

The connection between what I knew and didn’t know seems to have moved a little closer, and it happened over some time. It wasn’t like a giant epiphany, is just developed and grew a little at time, which is probably for the best. I still have days where I am only pretty and that is all I am contributing, but that has benefits too, probably to be discussed at a different time. It helps so much that the people around me get that, because they too have days that all they bring to the table are good looks and a sense of humor, we are a pack like that. Birds of a feather. Wink wink.

This week I had a moment that let me know I am doing OK. One of our sales guys came in, with a past customer on the phone. He needed to schedule a time to go out, and we are supposed to handle that. So, Kevin and I sat there, talking to the gentleman, and I got the basic stuff I need to have, and one thing we do is to make sure the homeowner will be available, with no other plans. I ask him, and he says he will be there, his only plans will be to do some baking. I joke with him that Kevin will be over, and maybe he will bring a container to bring some baked goods back. We have a good little laugh, and I get this customer on the schedule the next day.

You know what happened. If you read this regularly, you know of my charm and how I overwhelm people with it. That’s right, Kevin went out, did his deal, and Lee the Awesome Homeowner sent him back to the office with a loaf of Banana Fudge Bread for ME!!!! YES!!! I felt that awesome feeling I used to get when my regular guests would bring me Christmas candy, snacks they know I like, or little gifts. It was comfortable, and even more important, it was comfort food! I felt like I connected, and without ever meeting this person, I did what I have done for many years, and it felt comfortable.

I miss my people. So very much. And the hardest thing about this job is making a connection with people I can not see. It is all over the phone, and I can only imagine what they look like, how they are and all I really know is where they live and that their roof needs some love. I get to see the people I work with, they are the bridge between me and the phone people. It isn’t an instant gratification thing like I am used to in a restaurant bar setting. I didn’t think I would ever get to that comfort level. But for a minute or two on a phone call with Lee, I got it. And that bread is good! I will be sad when it is gone.

Changing your life is so scary, because you feel like you may never have that certain comfort level you are used to and cling to. It may be necessary sometimes due to things beyond your control, like my situation was. I work with and for great people, and they have helped me tremendously by being friendly and patient. But until you start to sink into it and feel comfortable, it’s a struggle. You know, I have talked about it before. A little loaf of Banana Fudge bread doesn’t mean I know and can do everything in my job perfectly, but it means I can relax a little and know I am getting there, to a level of comfort that I can grow with. I can do this. I can breathe and be a little more comfortable. Thank God.

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