I like the word mystical a lot, because it can take you a lot of places. Van Morrison takes you “Into the Mystic” and I love the 80s movie “Mystic Pizza.” It is kind of a magical word and I like magical things.

I find as I am aging, and especially while we have been progressing through this pandemic, I am feeling more spiritual. Not religious, but spiritual, mystical and more in touch with my touchy feely side. I have been given lots of time to reflect, and I do. While others have spent their time thumping their political chests and worrying about other things they can’t change, I have tried to reach a spot where that stuff just doesn’t worry me. Still reaching, as it turns out it is a lifelong quest, not a weekend retreat.

The political stuff became all consuming for some people. That just isn’t healthy, and that became so obvious in the events up to the election and the months following it. How upset were some people you know, like all the time? Constant obsession. What good came of it? A lot of hard feelings, a lot of snarky comments between people who are supposed to be friends or family. At the end of the day, it didn’t change outcomes, it didn’t make our elected officials any wiser, more empathetic or interested in anything more than money. Wasted energy, wasted relationships and so much bitterness. That time would have been better spent trying to baptize your cat, and the cycle seems to be on again already. Jump off that ride, and enjoy your life and family.

I have been trying to meditate regularly. It has been an interesting effort, and I think it has helped me from getting too riled up about all the politics, the continuing arguments about how the pandemic is handled or not handled, and the changes I have had to process in my existence. That’s where the Mystical stuff comes in, really. Paying attention to myself, instead of all the noise around me. I still get ticked off at things, believe me, but at the end of the day, I can wind down and replay what upset me and breathe my way through it. It’s like that Serenity Prayer, about resetting myself and accepting that I cannot control what others do. It’s me, all me, that’s where my attention must be. I can’t change other people, just how I react to them. It’s been quite a gift that I gave myself. I just have to keep practicing it.

When you meet other people who are pretty grounded you can feel it from them too. It’s not that they don’t have things upsetting their apple carts, they just figure their way through it is a more calm way, because they learned how at some point. Being the noisiest person in a room isn’t for everyone. People that have that calm really draw people to them, without being that center of attention. It’s like a leadership thing. Some people are just born leaders, and the people that follow don’t always know why, just that they feel better with that person. They don’t often have to pound their chest for your attention, you just somehow have it. You feel better in their presence. That is a gift, and I would say it falls under that mystic thing.

With all this self-awareness stuff, the Algorithm Gods at Facebook put wonderful memes and sayings all over my news feed. I share a lot of them, and I think they help someone out once in a while. It helps me out more. I have been on my path by myself for a long time, and at times it is lonely, but these things often get others onto my radar. I find that there are a lot of people trying to follow a more mystical, spiritual path, and it is nice to see them out wandering with me. The confines of organized religions aren’t for everyone, and I don’t mean to make that sound negative. Some people do much better on their path with a guide, a pastor, rabbi, priest or whatever your religion has. They need the guided tour, and I am so happy it is there for them. The mystics of the world are on a more secluded path, but not alone. It is still a spiritual journey, just using their heart as a guide to their soul.

February ends today, the shortest long month we have. I have been paying close attention all month to how it affects others. It is a time that people get antsy, impatient for spring. It is a time before we know the changes coming will really get here. We tend to be in the hibernation mode yet, but we are beginning to stir. My meditations lately have addressed that, and I think I got through this February better than any I have had most of the other Februarys of my life. It really was magical. Or maybe that was mystical.

As March begins, I hope you are enjoying more daylight, more renewal and paying attention to the little changes that happen every day. Focus in on yourself for a little each day, instead of giving everything away to others. When you notice small things, big things can become more apparent. Put yourself on a mystical journey, and enjoy all that is around you and those that you love. As the world turns, I say Namaste.

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