Spring Ahead

It’s time change weekend! Yay! But, it is also the time when so many people will complain about an hour. The old “I am losing an hour of sleep!” crowd will be piping up in the next few hours. I have an unsympathetic message for them: Boo Hoo! You waste so very many hours of your life, I do too, and to that I say, what is one more hour? You will get it back in 8 months or whenever we do that Fall Back thing, so it evens out.

It gets me thinking about all the hours I waste, plenty, believe me. I waste time with the best of them. But I have gotten a little better with some of my hours, like the time I spend on me. Lots of people don’t spend the hours on themselves so much, which is really awful to think about. I mean, we have to give some of our hours to work, we get compensated, hopefully accordingly, but what about the rest of those hours we get in a day? How are you spending them?

I start my days at the gym, and even though the camp is a half hour, it is about an hour of my day between the driving time and the goofiness we get into after the camp, pictures, laughing or crying (depending on the day!) That’s a good hour, the best of my day most days. Then I come home to my doggo, The Zelda. She is a great part of my day too, even though she drives me nuts sometimes. But I don’t have any regrets about my time with her, except time getting tennis balls from underneath the couch. We walk, we play and the time is great. When you think of the amount of time you get with your pets in life, every hour with them is precious, so enjoy them all you can.

I regret a little bit the time I waste on social media. I mean, some of it is good, keeping up with family and friends, but it is a giant time suck. One of my co-workers downloaded Tik Tok last week, and she quickly found out it had to go! She said she stayed up late watching Tik Toks, and she couldn’t believe how much time she spent! She has 3 kids, a husband, dog and a lot going on, so her time is a premium. She took it back off her phone a day later, knowing she can’t afford to have that time sucked from her! I was proud of her, that is something a lot of us couldn’t do, I would be willing to bet. I waste enough time of the Facebook, I don’t do the Tik Toc for that reason alone. Not that I have so much going on, but I don’t need that!

I haven’t been spending enough time with the people I love. I don’t know if you ever can spend enough time with them, truly. This is partially the result of the ‘Rona, I mean we all know what that has been like. But I really need to do better at this now that things are slowly returning to normal. It is time to re-engage some people, and get back into it, safely of course, but I miss people. A lot. And this spring I plan on venturing out a little more as we progress. I have wasted enough of that time, for sure.

When you change your clocks that don’t automatically change, when you dig out the owner’s manual for your car because you just don’t remember how you did it last October, and when the hour changes, don’t complain about that hour. Make the best of the hours you still have. You have time now, make the best of it, and be happy you do. Lots of people lose the hours that mean the most to them in silly ways, I do it too, and I think if we put ourselves in a better spot to make the best of our time, you won’t even notice that hour slip away at 2 am. And remember, the Spring Ahead means it is time for Spring, the time of rebirth and renewal, that’s for all of us. Enjoy it!

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