Thought Process

I usually have a pretty good idea what I want to talk about when I sit down here and start writing. Not today so much, as I kind of got blindsided this morning. Not too bad, and while it was something I wasn’t expecting, I wasn’t truly that shocked except the news that came along with it pretty much sucked. I have to be a little vague about it, since I don’t know the whole story, but let’s just say I am bummed.

Change happens, all the time. I get it, I have seen it my whole life. Maybe that’s why I feel ok about this morning, or maybe it will sneak up on me later and I will be pissed or something. It’s like my bracket for the NCAA tournament yesterday, it got hit hard, but I feel ok because I can just sit back and watch now, with no hidden agenda of cheering for a team I hate. Good things can come out of bad things.

It’s not my place to talk about what changed this morning, until an announcement gets made. It affects me a little, and some of my people, but it won’t ruin anything or devastate my existence, it is just something to adapt to. It isn’t anything personal, it just feels that way when you are invested in the people around you. Roll with it, I still have goals to get to, so a bump can’t dislodge the focus.

My lesson here is to roll with the changes as they come along. Having been through a lot of loss through life can make you a little stoic when things happen. You can get upset, or make a decision to withhold judgement until you get through the chaos of the moment. That’s the place I feel like I am in now in my life. I can get mad, but what does that accomplish? Not much but waste my energy, when things may just end up great after everything settles. Time will tell.

So, my thoughts got a little messed up with where I may have gone when I knew I wanted to write this morning. I don’t know what time I get the rest of the story today, but for the 3 people I know this whole thing affects the most, thanks for everything, the whole way through. People touch your life, and hopefully in a positive way. These 3 did, for absolute certain. We keep going, growing and I know they will too. I send out lots of love to them in the universe today, because I know it will find them and great things will happen. Everything is good for me, this is a small turn on the long road of life. We go through them, readjust and navigate our way through. It is the first day of Spring, if that can’t get you into a positive place, I don’t know what can. Keep going, keep growing.

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