Been A Hot Minute

I know it’s been a while since I sat it down and wrote anything. It’s probably been at least a month. Sorry to hold all of you hostage like that. It’s not that things of interest haven’t been happening, or that I have been so busy, I just let time do its thing and pass by for a bit. Sometimes a little break is a good thing.

I went out and got the vaccine thing done. I wasn’t really sure I was going to do it, until I did. Once Wisconsin opened it up to the people with things like high blood pressure and obesity, I was like that’s my wheelhouse, and I scheduled it, got in quick for the first one and down that road I went. I fared pretty well with it. Pretty much a sore arm, and one day of not feeling so good after the second dose. And really, it wasn’t that bad except I sort of have had some hot flashes. Compared to some who have had rashes or got fairly sick for a few days, I feel I came through it pretty well. Now two weeks can pass and I get to call myself fully vaccinated. We will see what that actually means when we get there.

It’s good to feel like we are moving forward, and while numbers continue to bump up a little, then drop down, depending where you live, more people seem to be getting back to a more normal sequence of living. It’s got to take some time that a lot of people haven’t been willing to let pass, but I have felt all along, I can only control my actions, not what others do. Just trying my best to not be a part of the problem.

If there is one thing I ask and beg for as we resume our lives, it’s to please continue to give some grace to those working in retail stores and in restaurants and bars. They are doing the best they can with fewer people. A lot of people have not returned to those jobs, and places are short staffed. Give them some grace. I am in a couple of those Restaurant Review groups on Facebook, and believe me the Karens are still out there, and they are still tremendous self-centered a-holes. I do enjoy how people will jump all over them when they complain, because the majority of people are decent human beings, it does my soul good to see people stand up for others. Be that person, when you can. It is an incredibly admirable quality to champion someone who needs a lift.

We need to head towards a normal existence again, and that means a lot of different things to different people. And not everyone gets that, unfortunately. I spent the past year still able to leave my home everyday to go to a job at a physical location. Not everyone did, and it has done different things to some people. Some people love being home, some did not, and some are going to get to go back to their offices, and some are not. Where you are on that spectrum is going to decide a lot about how you move forward in the coming months, just a little reality check. There are probably some people who haven’t put on regular pants in a year. We have to be there in support for them, no matter their pants progression. I hope everyone is getting through ok, that has been my message the whole time, as I am a pants wearer. Good luck if you are headed back soon. Pants suck, no matter where you are.

So, as we hit the Spring, I hope you are able to venture out, enjoy the lovely change of season and I hope you are feeling better about things in your existence. I have been loving the flowers, the buds on the trees regardless of what they are doing to my allergies, and the earlier sunrises and later sunsets. We get a lot to enjoy this time of year, and I want you to enjoy as much as you can. If the pandemic has taught anything to me, it is to stop for a second or two each day and appreciate something good. We were given a gift of time for ourselves, most of us were, and a lot of people didn’t learn a thing about themselves, but more of us did. I have rambled on enough for the day, I think, and even if it is a little chilly this morning, it is a sunny day by me, I hope to enjoy it as much as possible, and I hope you do too. Be well, and I wish you forward progress, like in football, but better.

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