We are surrounded by numbers. For a math nerd that sounds awesome, but I am no math nerd. But really, numerical identification is everywhere, and numbers are constant. It’s how you measure stuff, people and space and time. It’s sort of overwhelming to consider. As important as the numbers are, sometimes they don’t mean a thing. Talk about some life lessons.

For my first example I will discuss the dreaded scale. Weight, a good measuring tool, but what does it actually tell you? I have been in a fight with the scale for years and years. We go long periods without talking, but I always have that bastard sitting in the bathroom, judging me. I have a disagreement with its tactics, but at the end of the day, I just need to know. But it can never tell me the whole story of my efforts. It is telling me how much pull I am letting gravity have with me. It doesn’t see the work I put in, how far I walk with Zelda, how many pushups, burpees and weights I lift each week. It just bitches at me for that sandwich I didn’t need, the one with all the mayo on it. So those numbers, while important, are deceptive, and even a little hurtful.

How about the number of years we tack onto our lives? I have accumulated 51 years. Not sure how, not sure when, but the count started at the tail end of 1969 and it’s ticking off days, weeks and years. I am ok with my 51 years, as we have discussed other times, because not everyone gets that many. Some people never get out of childhood, some make it into their 20s and no further. Some get to some lofty numbers, like the 80s, 90s or even 100 or so. There is a mix of good genes, good luck and maybe a little science to that, but we don’t always get to choose that. Those numbers aren’t ours to calculate, but we do what we can to add on, hopefully. That is a number that is good to see go up, unlike the number that jerk scale spits out, which most want to go down. So, some days I feel young and vibrant, and some days I am an old klunk that wants to be in bed before 9pm. It comes and goes. An 18 year old can be mature or a silly teenager, and an 80 year old will pull a prank on you that would make an 8 year old jealous. Be who you are, and don’t let that number rule your days too much.

The number in the bank account, probably the most awesome or depressing of numbers, depending how you manage that jumble of figures. On any given day you can talk to a millionaire or a guy begging for change, and the thing that keeps them separate is the number of dollars they accumulate, but they are both all of us. We all want the money, we need it to barter and exchange goods and services. It rules some people, and others only have it because they need it to eat and keep a roof over their heads. I love money, and I hate it. I love when I have it, and hate that I don’t have more. I support myself, I have always figured a way to get by, but there isn’t much extra jingling around a hidden bank account. But I am ok, I do better than some, and there will always be those that have a lot and don’t feel they have enough. Those numbers vary from one person to the next, I know some poor people who are happy, and rich people that are miserable. We know the old saying, money can’t buy happiness, and while I believe that, having it can make your misery a little more comfortable. I will probably juggle that balance all of my life, but for now, I am all good.

The number that should matter the most, is the number 1. You are the number One. One person, who is with you at all times. The One you talk to every day. The One you can count on, every single time. You may find another One that keeps you company, brings a little extra sunshine into your days, but without them you are still One, never any less. To look at yourself as less is cheating the numbers. There is no zero or negatives when you look in the mirror, there is One who looks back to you with love and hope. You are the One, and all the other numbers won’t matter, weight, age or money, as long as you are Number One. Hold your head up, and show the world your One thing, the You that matters, shines and adds up to something wonderful and gives yourself that One day at a time that gets you all those other numbers.

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