It sounds like we get to have summer this year. The calendar is filling up with events, parties, festivals, weddings and all the things that didn’t go on last year. It’s good. We can turn the page, finally. I listened to the debates about vaccines, masks, closings and openings, crowds and isolation. I did my thing, and got through it. 2 shots and a sore arm, and I am on my way! I made it, and like a lot of us I am ready for the reward for patience and good behavior.

Except I am now 51 years old and working a straight job. I am tired. I am going to bed these days at the time we used to start our nights. I am up at the butt crack of dawn every day so I have my workout in before I go pretend to know about roofs all day. I like my life, I truly do, and I love the weekend off thing. I can do stuff now. As long as it ends at a reasonable hour. There are challenges ahead, but I can dig down deep and get it done, I think.

The One Thing I am looking forward to most is the Mile of Music, the first weekend in August. Four days of music, beer drinking, music and beer drinking. Locally. I live within walking distance and I love it. We start drinking before noon, a rule we established early on for Mile 2, and we go all day, pacing ourselves (except for Thursday) but it’s a grind. With my new schedule of life, I am going to have to do some conditioning in the weeks leading up to the festival. I may have to stay up until 10pm to practice. Wish me luck, I don’t have a lot of wiggle room for naps in my days, but in the preparation for the Mile, I will make adjustments and get back to the ability to stay awake until midnight or later for 4 whole days in a row. The things we do for love.

I am excited to get to some baseball games this year too. That’s a part of summer, and while some games aren’t that exciting, it’s the whole experience that I love. People watching, talking smack, drinking a cool refreshing beer. Actually it’s a lot like a music festival except we get to sit down more. It’s a thing I associate with summer, and I am happy we can be there live and in person this year. I really missed things like that.

People just tend to be in a better mood in the summer. More daylight, less clothing, and a sense of freedom that comes with not having to be trapped inside. I know there are those that prefer cooler weather, and love the winter sports and things. I just like being able to leave the coat at home and roam about a little more freely. Zelda and I can take longer walks, sniff more stuff and bark at more people and dogs. Squirrels are a bit more cocky, but we just chase them back up the trees and show them who really runs the show.

All of the things that summer brings can really brighten up our days. I feel for people that count the days until the kiddos go back to school, or wait for the humidity to just go away. It isn’t all sunshine and daisies for everyone. I know I could live without the seasonal allergies, but at least modern science has given me ways to alleviate the sneezes and snot that cottonwood brings. But this year it all seems worth it, just to get back out there. To hit a farmer’s market, eat corn on the cob dripping with butter at a festival, family reunions and hoping your friend with the boat can take you out for a day. Summer, in all of its beauty with late sunsets, fireworks and fun. Cheers to it, with your favorite cool beverage, I am happy to have you back, old friend!

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